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To watch this thing so as i lay my head to my pillow when i get ready to to drift off to the sweet sounds of john call it a ballgame we get blessed with a little ninth inning magic from the san francisco giants could more and be happy tuesday to you not much of a better way to get the week started and to end the month of april than with the san francisco giants fifteen and fourteen after how it all could have gone down in this first month we got news yesterday joe panic saw the was going to get the second opinion but ended up having that surgery yesterday morning so the official mark on him is out six weeks so you lose your gold glove second baseman you lose your to hitter slash leadoff hitter and all of a sudden you're you're in a whole new crop of characters with alan hansen and kelvin tomlinson ready to to toe the rubber you get the kid i said toe the rubber to take over that second base job you've got the kid andy suarez coming up to the rubber tonight after he made just one bigleague start but the giants got a little bit of a funky spot yesterday with with their bullpen bruce bochy said if they weren't gonna go nine he really had no option or if they were going go ten he he didn't know what he was going to do he said we may have had one inning left out one hundred strickland but after having dyson grow three consecutive days darren are used in that ballgame for an in and you try to get to out of miranda he had it came in with the whole situation ends up losing the lead for the giants couple of errors were detrimental to to his outing but you can't can't walk guys when they come up especially when it's the leadoff hitter and that lead to lead to the giant scoring some runs i'm sure sure murph and i will have a nice conversation about.

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