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I was like Oh what's going on today God? I really like we spent this money on the publicist, get it out to people you know and I was like really very. Worried. Just because it was like my first things, I was putting out there that would be like forever consumable or whatever you want. and. As I think it would do what? What else what if it fucking doesn't and you're an idiot and I remember I was in La as as a as I was already leaving New, York but I was in L. A. and my friend Adam, and I who was he was the he was the floor manager at my home club in Portland moved l. a., and now he's in Lake. Showbiz ship we had to go to San Francisco, because his girlfriend's a wonderful comic and we were both on outside lands. Our got and He was like I'm not flying and one of those. Let us take a bus and we were on a bus all the way out to San Francisco from L. A. When it dropped and my phone was going fucking nuts everybody was like texting and getting all these paintings and all this shit and we were laughing like lunatics on like a Shitty bolt bus or whatever, and everybody was like looking at us like what was. Like this guy goes by you guys laughing so much what's going on? It was like a very exciting comes and then I remember like. Yeah I'm also like I'm big on the Internet right now. and I'm also on a bus. Pretty. Upset about it. A did. Outside lands was like the coolest thing ever. And then I remember I came back to La and I was doing a set at the laugh factory like the following Monday or Tuesday. And I got an Uber Pool when still do that? and. This girl goes that was in the car shield's. Are. You the guy feehery conduct. And I was like, yeah that was funny. But he fucking socks and. Well it doesn't matter. You can win like that. That's the two things I take from that like specifically remembering is that mom was like This kind of a great thing is happening in not going to be on this bus much longer I'll have a live you and then also. You can. Hold the truth people's faces, but they probably won't look at it. It's interesting that you say that because like I feel like regardless of that that person like the public opinion of lease as time pass the public opinion from when you started that joke. Be Two, thousand, fifteen, thousand, sixteen till I wear it is now is now completely different like yeah and I imagine money he owes me money. I I really feel like his publicist should cut me in on a check look. Within also, why should he he? I just said the good things he did wa-. It's none of my fucking business. GOING, sold no, it's no. It is something like and I imagine if you have a google alert to your name like. There are no defensive Guy Fieri before yours now, it's like a legitimate. Like if you look up like defense, Guy Fieri, your name will come up like nine million essays about Guy Fairy being good and I bring it up because I was telling you before this I think about this joke. More than any other joke. Like of the last five years and and explain why which was specifically I looking and that caroline show was the Saturday after the two thousand, sixteen election. Remember. Kai on our so bummed. At everybody in Brooklyn were broken up with the night before. I was like I duNNo. I either when I was like, Oh, I, guess I'll go see like you kyle's comedians like maybe they'll make me feel better maybe it was like, oh maybe I'll. I will like see how comedians are adjusting to the sort of new reality. And It's interesting because and there's somebody won't talk about which is sort of like I imagine as a comedian for the last four years. You've done enough interviews where people probably ask you some version of like you know what is Khamenei's role against trump and what do you think about physical comedy and and what what I am in those conversations as well I. I think about your joke partly because may because the timing but like To me, it's like. What satire can do like I don't think of you. You didn't think of this joke is like a piece of satire whatever. But like this is what comedy does, which is shines light on an issue gives people new framework of seeing something and sort of provides them vocabulary of how to talk about it and I feel like it is the most effective version of what comedy potential Candu. Like I've ever seen part of the. Guy Fieri areas now like a completely different person. Like. Yeah, I mean like. My question is do you feel like? You. As a person who? Like I like to me, this is a political joke because it's a bout. Goodness in some ways and how we value people and a public consciousness gotta yeah. How do you feel about this joke and it relates to sort of the year since as sort of like what your role is like does what I say resonate sort of what you're you're hoping for with your comedy. Yes. The joke. Is kind of an emotional thing for me..

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