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To him, and he wrote a book that was her way of getting out of the marriage. And then she claimed to not have given the interviews. But she actually did. She started leaking information to Andrew Morton because Andrew Morton wrote of Wonderful Unauthorized Accounts of her and really find upon her, So she's like she picked a journalist who she knew liked her. And then she started leaking those that information to him. So it is in her own words. But yes. Oh, that's he takes that. And then another book from Tina Brown and then a couple of others about Prince Charles and puts it all all together and then I love the host. Sarah Marshall because she really is hearing. She's like us. She plays the role of not knowing the information heat is just telling her the information. She digests it and It's very late back and very conversational to it. Z, you know, you think journalists but you know they throw f bombs in there and they're they're really fun. She likes to point out a lot of ways where you know it's like here we are again expecting a woman to do this, You know, just because she's a woman, so she brings that perspective to it. And so it's called. You are wrong about And I'm interested to even listen to the other ones that aren't about Diana. And like I said, you'll have to sift through on your podcast app to find the five parts about Diana. But I wish I remembered which listener suggested this didn't me but thank you See? Just put a link up on our show Page two to the first episode, so hopefully that will easily Yeah, it's super easy to find once you expand and you know, just I don't know what chap you use, you know, podcast one or whatever. But you just You might just expanded to all so you can see all of them. It's so That's why I love these shows these by history based shows because that's what it does to me. It's spur it. It motivates me to seek out more actual information. You know what I mean to fill in the gaps of the dramatic narrative, So yeah. Find it wherever podcasts are sold. And the Diana in her own words that don't offer also referenced on Netflix is well with the crown 8 17. The dirt alert is coming up next. My talk 171. Are.

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