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Cath. News dot net cavs and feeder cattle traded mixed the weekly wednesday auctions monitored by cal current amid futures price pressure feeder. Steer sold for seven dollars lower at o. K. c. west in allen oklahoma feeder heifers traded to to five dollars lower a day earlier long weaned. Thin fleshed your cast suitable for grass sold steady. Two dollars higher weaned ever cancelled one two three dollars lower in a light test. There were eighty one hundred fourteen head on offer across both days at hub city livestock auction in aberdeen south dakota steers wayne. Seven hundred seven hundred fifty pounds sold mostly steady with instances of three dollars higher steers. Waiting seven fifty. One thousand pounds sold one to three dollars. Lower heifers white six hundred to six fifty seven hundred pounds to seven fifty and eight hundred pounds state. Fifty traded mostly steady there. Fifty eight hundred fifty nine hit on offer steer cazangue less than five hundred pounds sold steady at torrington. Livestock commission wyoming. Were thirty six hundred eighty two head steers winds five hundred fifty. Two seven hundred pounds sold three to four dollars higher but one to four dollars lower at heavier weight hafer cast weighing less than five hundred fifty pounds sold studied three dollars higher that three to five dollars lower at five hundred fifty two seven hundred pounds and then mostly steady heavier weight at winter livestock and dog city steers wind four hundred thousand pounds soul forty dollars lower feeder heifers wind four hundred to nine hundred twenty five pounds also sold four eight dollars. Lower there are twenty seven hundred thirty three head on offer prices were higher at bloomfield livestock auction and iowa were lightweight steer sold from two dollars higher too sharply higher and lightweight. Heifers traded mostly steady. The seven dollars higher. There are nineteen hundred eighty-three head on offer. Finally heifers wind six fifty. Seven hundred pounds sold steady at kissed. Livestock auction too man. Dan north dakota were ten hundred and thirty six eight. There are too few comparable sales to trend at other classes whites major. Us financial engines is closed mixed wednesday with pressure from big tech stocks. The major bank stocks beating quarterly earnings forecasts. The dow jones industrial average close fifty three points higher the s. and p. Five hundred close sixteen points lower and the nasdaq was down. One hundred thirty eight points. Consumer view livestock production as a solution to climate change rather than the problem. According to cargills latest quarterly global feed for thought survey specifically those who indicated climate change as important to them also raised livestock and agriculture lowest in negative impact compared with other industries generally regarded as significant contributors to climate change cargill survey included responses from twenty five hundred ten consumers representing the united states france south korea and brazil overall survey response ranked transportation and deforestation as the greatest contributor to climate change of those surveyed. Fifty nine percent said federal and national governments bear the highest responsibility for addressing climate change in terms reducing livestock impact fifty seven percent of respondents cited companies involved in beef production and fifty percent cited cattle producers of course us cattle producers have a long history of climate-friendly sustainable production. They reduce the carbon footprint of the industry by forty percent while increasing beef production by sixty six percent between the nineteen sixties and two thousand eighteen. According to the national cattlemen's beef association as jerry bone a kansas cattleman. Nc ba president says we already know. A growing global population will require and demand high quality food which means we need room at animals like beef cattle to help make more protein with fewer resources. He emphasizes cattle generate more protein for the human food supply then would exist without them because they're unique. The justice systems allows them to convert human in edible plants like grass and a high quality protein. A recent research paper confirmed. Usb production is the most sustainable system in the world the study examined livestock life cycle assessments from across the globe to reach its conclusions and pointed out that there significant room for improvement of global livestock production practices while it laid out many opportunities for improvement. It also recognized the work already done by the us cattle industry to become the leader in sustainable production thanks to early. Adoption of innovative grazing practices combined with advances and cattle breeding and nutrition. Us producers have already employed many of the suggested practices that the study suggests be employed around the world according to cargills fever thought survey nearly eighty percent of consumers around the world who indicated climate change as important reported a willingness to make a change in the type of food they purchase in term about half of those consumers said they would be willing to pay a premium for a product that promises a low carbon footprint to curb their impact when asked about the most important factors considered at point of purchase these ranked heist with consumers taste the avoidance of antibiotics and growth hormones and knowing were products. Come from that. You're calculate market update for wednesday night and thursday morning the fifteenth of april. This is where ishmael. Thanks for listening.

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