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It gives me this way again and again and again at this turnstile. So this is a common thing that happens in New York City. Correct. I've been here, twelve plus years. Might cars always you do it once in a while happen, you go to window, you swipe, they go, you have money on. They buzz you in. I went there. I'm trying to catch a certain train at which McCall it Penn station, get the jersey to picked up. And I don't think I'm bugging out, but I'm kind of like just swipe and go, and we swipe and I figured he thought he said, cool. Because like YoM says the wa wa laws because. God bless you. All. Got you. I think you have to know what is understood anything that's ever been said by MTA person behind the window or a bu- I love when they get mad at you above when you're at the last Berber remember about take your headphones off. That's the only thing you've ever. Here's yelling. It's like, all like is scratching your doing? Yes. So the guy says, I thought he said, go ahead. I going then then I think you got a little upset because I just assumed he's probably having a bad day and I'm like, oh, what's going on? He's like swipe a good and he's like, yeah, your car is damaged damage car. Like. Cool. Man. He's like, you're gonna have to mail in our so it gets me an envelope and then I'm about to go to the thing and he goes, I can't again pose you go. Why law doesn't? He's like, you have to go. I'm like, well, I'm leaving town. He goes, no. So I'm now still trying to stay in the pocket, but I'm also I can't leave town. Of course. I'm going to be that. You can't leave town, no, sir, but you have to mail this in on like yet, but what am I gonna do at the by another one I have to leave. Now it took a second. Look, if this is what the laws your protocol on. I hope you understand. I'm trying not to get upset with you. If you're just doing job, I respected that'll be realize how frustrating this is to be in this situation because I hope you understand my situation like fine. And then I walk off and by single pass, which is more money that will be preceded going into your raise, which I knows not an f. theories and then whatever we'll get. And then I had to buy it and I was furious and after hours on the train, it's raining out a miserable. I'm wondering if I'm gonna get there in time and it's like, how do you like to me could be through been in a million times acted like you couldn't do it. Everyone is done that. Well. L. protocol is if you're Carter's damaged. Just that's no fault, your own and customer service is you get a courtesy ride. That's no more discussion, just being a dick and this is what I'm talking about. The rule and regular ones I'm talking of Bala believable motherfuckers claiming under the umbrella at a job and protocol and what blue book says and they do and they own personal jazz. Yeah. And he could elect you through and it's the same. Okay. Let me put my thing here request this perfect..

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