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Seven four to five. Do I need to check the raiders? Gross at my house here and making you know I I was tired of the rain. And then I great googly me. I do need that. That's a technical term by the way I do need to look at the radar real quick If you're north of Rome you got some really nasty stuff. If you're up in Clarksville you've got bad stuff as well a Dalton. You're about to get really slammed by very very heavy rain. Same in the Jasper area. It's coming to you here very soon. All in north Georgia get some serious storm. South Georgia. You're okay. Carol counties getting some rain here in a little bit and drizzle and sprinkles Middle Georgia south of South Award Robin's You're really okay for now but more stuff will become an end. Yep It it's it's a messy day out there in Georgia now let me give you the audit trail before I go any further with this and again the phone number is eight. Seven seven nine seven Eric. Eight seven seven nine seven three seven four to five if you WANNA see where I get this data I get this data from the Georgia Department of Public Health. And I want to let you be able to see it as well if you text the word data to three three seven seven seven. Text the word data to three three seven seven seven. I will send you back a link I will take it back to you quickly. I got an automated system. Where when you when you text or data to three three seven seven seven you get back three links. One is to my daily newsletter. I'm writing to keep everybody up to date with the state of play on this too. Is this linked to the Georgia public? Health and three is the dashboard to the Johns Hopkins University Medical Center where they are documenting The global spread of this and you can zoom in to nation by nation and state-by-state. Frankly and see it now. Here's the breakdown in Georgia. Right now. This was updated at seven. Pm last night. Eight hundred cases in twenty six deaths. And here's the county by county breakdown now. Through the spread one hundred fifty two and Fulton seventy nine in Cobb. Seventy four to cab. Sixty nine darty sixty one in Bartow thirty-five in Gwinnett twenty four Cherokee twenty-one Carol Nineteen Clayton Nineteen Lee Fourteen. Clark Eleven Fe Eleven Richmond Tin Floyd Tin Hall Nine Coweta Nine Henry. Eight lound seven Douglas. Seven for site six and Gordon. Five and folding five and Rockdale four in the East Chatham Glenn Newton Pulse Spalding and troop three in each of these Columbia Lamar Coney. Peach pickens worth two. In each of these Baldwin bibb butts early effingham Lawrence Lumpkin Muskogee sumpter terrel tift and Whitfield and one in each of these barrow. Bertka Tusa Charlton's to Goo clinch coffee. Dawson Harris Heard Halston Liberty Lincoln. Madison Miller Monroe Morgan Pierce Randolph. Ted Turner twigs in Washington. There're forty-six a no debt. That's the spray. It continues to grow every day. Fifty percent of the patients are female. Forty eight percent male. We don't know about the other. Two percent I suspect they're either male or female. In the other fifty-seven genders are not included Fifty nine percent of the cases are between the ages. Eighteen fifty nine thirty six percent of the cases or sixty and up. Only one percent of cases are newborn to age seventeen. Four percent are known of the bulk of the spread is in the Metro Atlanta. Brian Kemp has ordered now shelter in place vulnerable populations the city of Atlanta has gone into lockdown Rolm Where did I see this earlier? Was W argies website.

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