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In the next episode carmine galante turned his plan into action after he left prison he aggressively and ruthlessly took over the heroin trade immediately he was in and he took over and there was such an upsurge of heroin coming into the united states there wasn't any drought and stopped nothing in his quest to become the boss old bosses those certain kinds of intelligence help you get through armored and there are certain kinds of intelligence that help you run a mom new york city and for man can become a mob leader in new york city he's got that kind of intelligence and we discover how even the most feared of all mufti bosses wasn't safe from his own carbine was stepping up into a position that he was not going to be they didn't want him in all i think it was just the question of he was not the kind of person they wanted in that powerful position and the only way to prevent it from taking over was to kill this has been an audio boom and world media rights co production hosted by me fleet to it is produced by audio booms been hasley and rachel jacobs and bettina vasquez for world media rights we had editing help from david markowitz with additional production from world media rights by gerald bingo david mcnab is the series creative director and the executive producers for audio more brendan reagan and stewart last thanks to frame light street and harry's for sponsoring this episode follow mafia on spotify or subscribe on apple podcasts stitcher or wherever and find your favorite show.

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