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Don't don't worry about. don't think over. Just just start doing some research here. And so i started to Query or survey consultants and the first thing i started asking the bet was websites you know. How much did you spend on your website. Is your website important for you and i discovered. No it's not important for them a lot of them. Don't spend any money under websites and so this was fascinating and slightly. And so i started to dig into that more and the the great thing about the The research is it really teaches you so much about your target market. That's it's invaluable. So what i did then was. I looked at why it wasn't important. And the why. It wasn't important because most consultants get their business from referrals. And when you when you get most of your business from referrals. Your website isn't really all that important. It needs to meet a certain bar. That's it but it doesn't need to actively generate business for you because you're getting your business from referrals so so a i started looking at this on and and so i decided okay. I'm interested in. This area of how consultants are getting business and effectively marketing themselves. And so i said okay. I i have enough at this point to say. It's not websites where consultants. Let's just call it. Marketing for council for consultants. Let's just get going that that was. That was how i got to that brand. And i just wanted to. I wanted something that was different. I wanted. I wanted to hang a sign outside the door and i didn't know what to put on that sign and so i decided okay. This is one. I'm going to put a temporary and you know you can change the sign that said the door. That's fine It's to you and your four. So and so. Yeah that was where where it came from and then as i got into it and it's probably probably two and a half years now since i initially started up around I did put a lot of effort into it..

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