President Trump, Newsweek, Lieutenant Governor discussed on Alex Jones Infowars


And she focused and will nah and will pull our hand away because that's not the etiquette and they spent at that oh his wife aging or trouble reaches hanan doubt to another president first lady or prime minister and they'll shake her hand first they'll cut the video and say that it's being done because they are disrespecting the president because they don't like him and look i know we've got north korea crises i know we've got antifur running around attacking rand paul and shooting up baseball events of senators and knockout gaming people and burning down buildings and shooting cops in the back and attacking church i know we've got a lot of serious stuff going on but if you look at how they take this normal well trump etiquette where he does a great job of world leaders has incredible energy incredible stamina running circles around any president in modern history they take that strength and run it down and they just keep running more and more so when i defend the president i'm not defending the president because i'm in some culture personality i'm defending the president because i i'm defending reality and because i realize that the social engineers are involved in an attempt to overthrow reality and so i have to defend trump because if you give into them they are able to run the tables and social engineer our country in the world into oblivion and and again i know as an audience you understand that we have to continue expose effect newsweek and the retire corporation has laid off half employs four years ago they laid off a third they are what 20 percent now what they work had they gotten better no they right even more deceptive garbage and say that this guy that shot up all these people to church killing twenty six including members of his exwife's family the second wife family they're saying there's no connections none of its real it's all made up with no evidence despite the fact the state police the governor's office the lieutenant governor the daily mail all of them are reporting what we reported last night that.

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