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I'm sure there's there's so many people parties like dude, my favorite rappers Linneman will. The weird thing is that Hamilton loves he does like love rap. I've. Like, no. Yeah. He has you know, what he thinks about stories. Is it a moral technique through him in a trash? Can that is the funniest thing? I've ever heard so funny. I forgot about. Yeah. Technique like went to high school with him and through Minna trash. You'll never make us. Triple confirm it. Because it just sounds like a wonderful thing. Somebody made up booed by mortal techniques. Also, like immortal techniques another rapper where he's like a galaxy brain rapper peop-. He's another one's listen to the league. Yeah. So it's funny that he just got bullied by another galaxy brain like, yeah. Lear guy that's crazy now now in Motech meat when he tries to get tickets to Hamilton is also. Man. I wish we had more time. I would love to lay down some Hamilton style rap. What's what's the big single off him? I don't know my car one time, and I have made her turn it off future after that. Oh to balance it out. Yeah. I was like how you know because she's never liked rap. We never saw growing up like I couldn't share my interest with her versa. Tried to get her to listen to some music. I know she wouldn't future. I think I was just messing. Yeah. I rap although Hamilton can listen to Hamilton. I was like the first rap style music. She ever listened to this. What was that? Oh that Linneman well tweet where his like there's like this tweet from twenty eleven he's like rappers who only rap about getting Brandon pussy usually have. None of the former and deserve. None of the ladder. Oh, it's so funny. I deserve pussy favorite type of person is like, oh, yeah. All these gangsters gangster style thugs. They talk about getting brain and money and pussy and drug being on drugs. Yeah. Why don't they tell a story? Yeah. Yeah. Stories are always like the rock guys. I mean every single like rock classic rock song is about making control. That's like every single song is like rock n roll. Rock music. They literally every song is about making rock music. We're rock in. It's like rapid did that for one year one year wrap was like I'm rapping to the beat listen to me like about actually wrapping, but rock like they never stopped doing that every song or it's about like a high. They never stops loving to route to rob. Rock loving getting being living rock and roll. Yeah. It's about them rocking and like playing the rock or it's about like a hypothetical guy. That's not them like getting guitar coming up and rocking out. The babes. Babes getting the chicks like literally like six out of ten classic rocks. This is why we need a resurgence of rap rock. That's right. Skit baby done. So well, I'm a long time. So ready find if he is. Yeah. Yeah. He's doing it. Well, I think so too guys to XXX fused. He was doing that. But you know, he was. Yeah. Yeah. Beating women. Yeah. And. The problem. You can't use the guy that came and went real fast six nine where you're kind of like this guy shouldn't be famous. I have like part of me thinks that God was like a sleep from like twenty fifteen to twenty sixty. It was like oh fuck like, and it's kind of like he's like tapping undo things being reset. He's not getting all of it. Catching up to the mistakes and just like. Oh, like 'cause they're going so fast in like, very bizarre ways. Yeah. Weird. Like X gets just like randomly killed actually six nine going to jail. Michael Cohen going to jail stone. What do these snits snitching? Well, he's snitch. That's how he's getting off. Racketeering. Get killed. Yeah..

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