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Ongoing we will have some of that to worry about across the, plains for, today we have some locally strong storms already ongoing. In the Dakotas this morning and the area that's going to be, most at risk today is going to shift a little farther to the south and east especially for this, afternoon, and evening and that risk is going to extend from Wisconsin across southern Minnesota and Iowa and. Over into Nebraska and down into Kansas and eastern Colorado that's the area that's. Going to be at risk for damaging winds large hail and even a tornado as well as. Flooding rainfall speaking of flooding rainfall though that is continuing across the mid Atlantic and we do have a. Risk, for flash flooding still extending from south central portions of New York eastern Pennsylvania New Jersey and down to. The Washington DC area and. All Of eastern Virginia and down into. Eastern North Carolina we. Do, have showers and thunderstorms including a possibility of heavy rainfall that will continue for today and. Into tonight across the middle of the country and the south central plains it's. Primarily heat that we're worried about even the temperatures are not going to, be triple digits in Kansas and Oklahoma and not as much of Texas is going to be covered by that as well we, do still have some triple digit, readings in Texas we're also still looking for extreme heat and the Rio Grande valley especially and that's the weather across America in Raleigh North. Carolina today we'll have plenty of clouds with a shower or thunderstorm, some with, heavy rainfall high eighty three and in Denver Colorado. Severe storms are likely this afternoon high eighty seven that's the nation's. Weather I'm AccuWeather dot com meteorologist Heather zehr Washington DC has received eight point two inches of rain since, the, beginning of July the normal amount for the period two point Eight inches this is America in the morning I'm John trout it's fifteen past it turns out. The woman who died in this past. Saturday's gun battle between police and a man holding dozens of hostages in Los, Angeles supermarket was killed by a bullet fired by police Dave Alpert reports myself and. The minimum of this department one express my deepest condolences. And sympathy to her family and everyone who knew her LAPD chief, Michael. Moore says it was a bullet fired by, one of his, officers that accidentally struck and killed Twenty-seven-year-old trader Joe's store manager Malaita Corrado she. Got caught in. The crossfire during, the, shootout between police and suspect Jeanette, can I'm sorry. To report that we've. Now determined to our. Investigation that one. Of the ostrich rounds struck MS corona as she was being as she was exiting, the market was in close proximity. To Athens Corrado ran back into the store in class behind the manager's desk Audio from police body cams to. LAPD officers are heard firing at Atkins who were shooting at them this is a heartbreaking reminder of the split-second decisions that officers must make every day And it's also sobering reminder of. Destruction alone individual with a handgun can. Create chief Moore says he believes the officers did what they needed to do in order to defend the people in the store and defend themselves I know. That it is every officers worst nightmare to harm innocent bystander during a violent engagement I spoke to both these officers this morning They're devastated even though it was a police bullet that killed Corato Atkins is being, charged with her murder because the thirties allege he set off the, chain of events that led to her death the twenty eight year old appeared before a judge. Late Tuesday facing more than thirty felony charges Schedule which is eighteen million Atkins faces life in prison if convicted Dave Alpert Los Angeles, in sports from the NFL the Rams Todd Gurley reportedly. Signs a pretty lucrative deal it's worth sixty million dollars through twenty twenty, three according to. Bengals owner Mike Brown. President Trump's tweets about players kneeling during the national anthem in the NFL have prolonged the issue and. Worked against, finding a resolution he says Trump has stirred the pot for political reasons eighteen after next. Avant.

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