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It's seven fifty two in London. Eight fifty two in Cremona, Tom in northern Italy, which has UNESCO world heritage status for its intangible cultural heritage of humanity. It's the home of violin making Antonius Dutta various topics his workshop there in the late seventeenth century and made moving thousand violence violence and challenges some of which still exist and are preserved in the violent museum. The museum is recording. The sounds made by full top instruments and residents of Cremona have been asked to be as quiet as possible in the vicinity to facilitate the best possible recording. Well, Linden Jones is director Swazi international festival and Elektra at the university of South Wales also expert in some so Linden. The so much more to capturing sound than just pressing record. I mean, it's a it's a real odd. Oh, is it a science? Muna Jean it put it precisely. Right. It's both it begins with science because you have to get those particular bits of the equipment to work for you. But where just like photography, actually, it's something where you know, as soon as you start to make those autistic in a static decisions about it that way R comes into it. And in terms of something recording violin, you've got to make all those decisions about the perspective and the sound of the room in which you're hearing the violent and all of those things that all contribute to what we regard as abuse for recording. Does the perfect recording exist? Well, okay about that straight back at you. Just the perfect photograph exist, I think probably will grow..

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