Matthew Vines, Julie Rogers discussed on Cross of Christ Church - Audio - Episode 032 : Rosaria Butterfield on gender & sexuality, hospitality and the Bible.


For christ we all need him and if they're the bottom of this is not six wrong with your same back back in a bind made a one free me to another to ethic that i would treat at just a little bit so forth anyway elaborately what i would say is that efficient 429 we are to speak in such a way that gives grace to the here so in that context if the here is armed at a someone who is identifies as gay or lesbian and does not is is uncharged your presenting the gospel that's a great way to go but if you're talking to matthew vines or julie rogers or on anyone from the gay christian network or you gotta have a difference conversation because what you just said if you take it apart from its biblical heritage which is exactly where the gay christian movement goes than what you're going to get our people who say look you know i have a hive you scripture i have a high view of scripture uh but i know that god loves me because i am a christian and those are those six pesky verses and they're they're they're only six of them after all and they're very marginal they're very small the rate and significance of and i do have christ i have christ and i have my my lesbian lover and we're great we're good so you got to be careful i mean it's an audience question is a nuance question uh and and so i would just went in your listeners who are in the church to narrow that that when you're speaking the someone give them what they can here but we should understand that the sin of homosexuality is actually a up it is a big sin and it's a big sin because it attacks the creation ordinance.

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