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Is it enough enough is a twenty million is it fifty million is at one hundred million or right now it's at seventeen million and the clock is running to thirty six jeff wagner wtmj we have reached that point in the week where we can put away the heavy lifting and we stop arguing about the trump administration we stopped talking about crime in the mean streets of the city of milwaukee we try to have a little bit of fun i call the segment pop culture corner we do at this time every week sometimes we talk movies sometimes sports sometimes food sometimes cars whatever tickles my fancy and a particular week that i hope will you will find of interest today we want to focus on the world of television bring this up because on wednesday night there was the series finale of a show called the americans which was on fx got a lot of critical review raves critics loved it the basic plotline was that it was two russian spies who were planted in the united states it was a couple and they're living in washington dc against spying for the russians series ran for six years i critics loved it i was kind of a lukewarm watcher of it i i had trouble with two protagonists who are essentially posing as american citizens trying to undermine the united states i mean i didn't see them is particularly likeable and maybe you don't have to do that anymore but anyways i didn't i didn't love the show but lots of critics did it didn't particularly get high ratings but it was one of these that if you were part of the in crowd you liked the americans anyhow it ended i did watch i i went back and i watched a couple of the episodes leading up to the final just so i could watch the finale in case i wanted to talk about it i is nothing about that show which would make me say you know i want to go back and watch all six seasons i i did not find it to be been worthy but yet one of the great things it's available now for so many of us who whether it's we have the the net flicks or you have the amazon prime or you have access to hbo showtime or whatever you can you can go back.

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