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Around the bay but it burns back to the immediate coast by late morning and stays that way all day just replay that for the next six days and as you'd expect in a pattern like this huge swings in the temperatures depending on what part of the bay area you live in we're gonna be hot in the low to mid nineties for much of inland Contra Costa in in in Alameda county but you getting closer to the bay and its upper seventies to low eighties far more typical whether you make it to the operators in San Jose today right around eighty seven similar story in Santa Rosa but San Francisco is not getting out of the upper sixties all day today this pattern is locked in it's going to stay this way for the next six days I'm meteorologist Aaron Peck with your KPIX five KCBS forecast it looks like it's mostly clear right now in San Jose where it's seventy a little bit more cloud cover in San Matteo sixty six there would side is seventy one and in San Francisco a mix of sun and clouds right now in sixty three traffic and weather together on the aids on all news one of six nine and AM seven forty KCBS KCBS news time ten twenty president trump still smarting from the U. S. Supreme Court decision that keeps the daca program alive is now rumored to be ready to go after holders of H. one B. visas KCBS is Curtis Kim tells us the president may suspend that program at any time eighty five thousand H. one B. visas are issued annually across the nation but the majority of them are held by Silicon Valley workers H. one B. visa is considered a temporary visa it's for three years with the possibility of extension for another three years USFS Sir bill hearing is director of the immigration and deportation defense clinic says the majority of those holding H. one B. visas are from India and Asia big companies Facebook Google H. P. they'll use these visas why does the president want to end the program aims as trump wants to boost sagging unemployment.

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