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I mean, I just I was finding it hard to laugh, and there's that scene where Williams vodka like almost fuck cer- on like the picnic table, right? Like during the family cookout, right? The pig in the poke sequence. I I like it. I like all the rusty stuff. I like that rusty's like playing this horny little kid is was the first time. I think I'd seen it with all the nudity at a tremendous amount of nudity. And it was only PG thirteen lots of tits in that move racy. I like it. I think Christmas is better. I think the first one is better. Yes. It is the weakest link that trilogy because I don't even recognize refused even recognize Vegas once they took national lampoon off the top of it. Whereas this isn't we're not in the series anymore. Will you know Vegas is the whole lot better than the next one, which I saw called uncle Eddie's Hawaiian vacation. No it was. I know what you're talking about. It's called Christmas vacation part to. Yes, Eddie takes the family to Bermuda or something absolute horse shit. Vacation. That's why I like things -cation as much as I do is. Because I've seen what came after. I think that should be the thing you, you know, when when Randy Quaid douse on the internet being like, you think I'm crazy. You just you just show him the cover that movie. Yeah. You're crazy. Look look at this made. Yeah, you were in the you were in the last detail for Christ sakes. Right. It's business is terrible. What it's done to Randy Quaid and dwells woes do all says fine. She just that was in a movie didn't care for. She's not out taking pictures of our asshole in the Nevada desert is that Randy Quaid and men's losses Munt. I don't know post like sex tapes with his wife. What does it? Yes. He does. I haven't seen that I've seen his band don't seek it out the star killers or whatever. Yeah. Where he likes sings about how they're like, you know, like how they come. After like, it's all conspiracy ruin celebrities and stuff. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Oh boy. That's a shame old. Randy quaid. Yeah. Randy Q. One of the funniest men that ever lived that. I can't give you. But I I have a lot of laughs from through the actor. I mean, I mean there's few people that are as funniest him in. Christmas vacation kingpin to you know, how Christ. Yeah. Area under Radha performance. He also is great in a movie called quick change with Bill Murray that I really love and Gena Davis. Very good movement. I was almost watched the man who knew too little the other night the Bill Murray movie. But I remember it sucks. I remember kind of enjoying it. I feel like that's the last time. He was straight up Bill Murray. Yeah. Like after that came like lost in translation. And that was it new. He was he was down that road. Yeah. Well, it's look it's we're about forty five in which you probably gets the movie, right? Let's do it Yanni screaming ends news cycle. And you have a quick when I'll drop real fast before the new year hits. Very exciting news for Star Wars fans. I would think I know I'm excited but word on the street is George Lucas. Has been called into assist with episode nine. Particularly a certain. What I say that wrong. No, I'm just enjoying the build up a certain storyline revolving around a specific classic character. So I think the speculation is right. One of the walk. The speculation. Obviously is after the controversial or or contract debate about the last jet. I and the Luke Skywalker portrayal that they are bringing Lucas in to make sure that they close out the Skywalker story properly, and they give it a bang. Kevin Smith was on set for two weeks just watching and hanging out. But he has been very public about like, look I can't give details, obviously. But I wept. It is amazing like JJ is doing God's work. This is the movie you want, and that's what he said about force awakens. And he was right about force awakens. And I don't doubt that he's right about this. I do like the last Jedi. I, but I do think this is the ninth installment of the sky worker saga at saga. This is it I want them to end it with a big Star Wars bang. I don't want them going off the tracks and trying new shit..

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