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Forecast we bring in, meteorologist Frank straight Franken looking weather radar thankfully the heaviest rain that we were seeing the extreme rain that we were seeing off to the north of Boston has subsided for now just a couple of lingering showers but elsewhere we are. Seeing some additional showers starting to pop up in grow the are slow movers so you can see a. Prolonged downpours and that's going to be what. We have to deal with, this, afternoon with these scattered showers and in some places a thunderstorm producing that torrential downpours that can lead to additional or renewed flooding. We still have, the flash flood warning in effect, for southcentral Essex and eastern Middlesex County until two, fifteen that's where the most extreme rain has occurred so, far, today around Salem Lynn Peabody that hopefully in the runoff stage for now hopefully those floodwaters have received as we go through the next couple of hours aside from that we'll, see clouds at limiting son seventy eight for the. High this afternoon, for tonight lingering clouds and a shower with lows near seventy clowns A couple, more showers. Tomorrow hopefully nothing heavy seventy eight for. The high again warmer after that clouds, and sun eighty-two. For, the height day muggy day with a shower and thunderstorm around warm and muggy with clouds some sun and a shower Wednesday high eighty six I'm AccuWeather meteorologist Frank straight. WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty right now seventy three degrees with cloudy skies in Boston. WBZ news time one, twenty-five WBZ book club I'm Jordan rich one of our local treasures is bestselling author William Martin from back bay at the Lincoln letter he's captivated us with his unique take on thrillers and history now comes his latest called bound for. Gold featuring Boston rare book dealer Peter felon and girlfriend Evangeline is they're off to California to search for. The lost journal of one James Spencer and. His Irish companion Michael Flynn, those, two journey from Boston in the mid eighteen hundreds to pursue the mother load and the mythical lost river of gold or is. It indeed a, myth Fallon digs deeper encountering more, clues that lead to threats on his in Evangeline, life but the fun of reading Bill Martin is traveling Back in time, in this, case to the mid eighteen hundreds in. The heat of the gold rush it's dusty dirty, and dangerous not only for the gold miners but the indigenous people and the immigrants who stand in their way these types of novels, involved copious research but Bill Martin is a gift. Of telling a story that's fresh exciting and it prompts many of us.

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