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Now, this right to repair movement really covers so much ground. So many products in our daily lives, but one place where it's very much on the minds of an entire community is in the farming community. So we're going to begin in Bertrand Nebraska today. Tom Schwartz is a fifth generation farmer now, an organic farmer, his family farm, some seven hundred acres, and in fact, they are in the middle of harvesting corn today in Thomas come in from from the harvest to talk with us. He's also president of the Phelps Gosper county farm bureau and has a seat on the American Farm Bureau. He was also involved in lobbying for Nebraska's right to repair Bill. So Tom Schwartz. Welcome to on point. Think it's really great to have you today, and thanks so much for taking time out of the harvest to join us. So first of all tell us how in your farming life just on a day-to-day basis. How much has the the inability to repair your farming equipment sort of got in the way of what you do. While repair is still a critical part of what we do will be probably for a long time this morning before I came in for this call I was repairing a piece of equipment that we transfer green with and it was all mechanical there's no high-tech stuff involved. So it was relatively straightforward repair about with our newer equipment the tractors and combines in such almost everything is operated by a computer system. So at that point, it becomes a lot more challenging so tell us about that. Right. Because I think some people may have heard of a fight that that has been going on with John Deere about their tractors as well. So when when one of your tractors breaks down. Look what happens what do you have to do? Well, literally in fact, yesterday, I was had a conversation with one of the neighbors, and they were. For unloading corn out on auger wagon into a cart full by a tractor and the tractor just stopped because a censor had gone bad. And when the censor when this says speed sensor goes out the tractor just says, it's a neutral. That's it. You aren't gonna move that tractor for anything. And so the whole operation grinds to a halt in an instant. So you've got all these people standing around wondering what to do you're trying to get a hold of someone to come out and repair the tractor, and it may be a relatively simple fix. It could be extraordinarily simple sex. But today because deer doesn't want us messing around with their software and hardware software, particularly, you know, we've got to bring gear out they have essentially a monopoly on repair. And we're concerned with is is the ability that we'd like to have to access the computers in the software to the extent that we can communicate with the. Later in the tractor and put repairs in place and get moving again because you know, our harvest is our hole in them. You know, we we literally a matter of minutes can have a wind storm come in and.

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