Cowboys, Demarcus Lawrence, Chris Greer discussed on The Rich Eisen Show


Going on with the cowboys. Upfront what can you tell me about. Tank lawrence randy gregory. Big game for the cowboys here in los angeles against the chargers. What do you know about that. Yeah so i. I think like the you know demarcus lawrence obviously. That's a really unfortunate break for them. And he's had injuries in the past. And i i don't know if i'd relates that because there's a foot thing and it's sort of a free thing but he's going to be gone for two months and that like to me. I just sort of looking at how patchwork they've been and they'll get gregory back but like like you know with randy gregory and then over the years taking swings on different guys like alden smith and and and and You know and and if you want to go further back hardy And how they've just sort of continuous roll the dice try and get those positions right And lawrence was the one that they really hit on and now he's out for two months and you know. I think the cowboys defensively did a lot of things well in the opener but the fact is such a big part of the way that defense worked and i worked and i think dan coins a fantastic defensive coordinator but a big part of how the defense works seattle type of defense works is. Can you get heat on the pass or can you come from multiple angles quarterback and lawrence is one of those guys when he's at his best. He changes the math for everybody else. He's gonna change the matchups. He's going to get more guys singled up or guys are going to be favourable spa favorable spot because of him. So now you take them out of the equation and i think it's a big big loss for the cowboys.

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