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34 Todd Jeffries and don private schools in Ali in northwest Austin this morning only good morning. Well, I was surprised you guys weren't talking about Dr Mark S. Scott this morning. What we have we have earlier this morning already for politicians to get the covert vaccine before the elderly. Yeah. Yeah, That's something he that he has been been pushing for. It's something we've talked about for a few days that yes, State lawmakers and their staffers are being offered Kobe back scenes by Dr S. Scott. He tells the Dallas Morning news that up to 10 lawmakers have taken him up on this offer. He's previously made it known, you know, in the legislative session. Kobe is a real threat. We need to actually those individuals because we've not had an event of this size since the pandemic begin. Yeah, So there you go. He's willing offered to them first before we get it. To what? Why? You know those that you know, maybe some lawmakers have co morbidity is maybe I don't know authority. Dr. Mark s got tells the Dallas Morning news. He's been offering the shots. The legislators and staffers is they work the current session. In previous statements, Doctor s got explained, the mass gathering should be addressed, and we do have to recognize that the number of people the duration of the contact and the nature of the contact is going to lead to increased risk of transmission. He says up to 10 lawmakers have accepted his offer and defends his decision, saying he doesn't believe in this breaks. Any rules. John Cooley news radio K O B. J all right, There you go. That's absurd. I again we used this example a lot, but it's it's a It's a good example In a dramatic example of those frontline workers like the H E B employees that were there, the Home Depot the lows, whoever And you want to put lawmakers ahead of these guys who are truly front line? That's that's a redeye. I'm sorry. I can't see any positive angle to that. It is a 36 got a full report of that story on the front page of our website at news Ready okay LBJ dot com and do it if you want. The last time you've been to Frida's seafood restaurant over there in northwest Austin, Pa. Con Park, right, just south of Lake Line Mall. I haven't been there. You know the area, they'll write their 6 21 part is it's not my regular beat, but yeah, On the opposite side of town from you, and I make sense but a lot of construction over there many years ago and get the end of a toll road right there. 6 20 needs is desperately needs help and widening and some attention for sure. Well, the city council you're looking at their agenda Items 27 to 31. They are on a mission to buy Moorhouse hotels to house the homeless. Including one that is adjacent to freed us to the tune of $9.5 million. That $0.5 million And it is probably more than his fourth that that has been their history so far, And if I knew the owners of Frieda's, I would tell them to start selling today. Get out of there before it turns into a disaster. Get out of dodge any business around there? Yeah, that whole areas. I mean, that's that's just amazing. But then again, the city has brought a lot of hotels, and I don't know if we have a whole lot of people that are being housed in these hotels were not getting any updates. And I'm aware of that. That's what the hell's going on with those hotels, and this is just my speculation. That's just my behind the scenes. In two and two together, and maybe somebody listening could help me string this together. But I think the homeless crisis is being used by the City Council to buy up hotels, not for the homeless. Maybe they do for a few just to make it look good, But it's really to buy up these local hotels that are in locations where they want to build these transportation corridors, so they want to, you know, code next. Rewriting of our codes along with property, they go. They all of these things, Things go together, and well, I'm not even sure that hotels worth that kind of money. No, it's probably not. We've been paying for some ungodly reason. Have been paying more money than these things are worth. They're looking to buy two acres for $9.5 million Con Park. Yeah, come on, man who owns it? That's what I want to know. That's you. Usually you could follow the money and find out. You know, you know what, Really what? They're up to. Apple Pie Hotels LLC, Texas Corporation in amount not to exceed $9.5 million. I want an update on what currently is going on with the others that we we've spent a lot of money on these hotels that the one we bought two so far, maybe three and we don't know. Where are these things are they already occupied? Because they had to refurbish these things right? They had to make him set up for that kind of situation. They had to do more than just make him you know, set up for a continental breakfast, and that's it. You know, they got it. They have more considerations or infrastructure that they have to have in there. And but we've had no updates on that. Are we seeing any benefit yet from those hotels? I'm seeing it. I'm not feeling it 8 39, and you could jump in at 51283605 90. We'll squeeze in a couple of calls coming up next Logan update you on another plot twist for new movies out there. And paella thons now and exercise in patience. Yeah, will explain the details of that story Coming up in business news. Well, I'm also updates. You want a couple of guns stories out of our state capital. In fact, former Travis County judge and current state Senator Sarah Eckhardt, pushing a gun control measure aimed at protesters under her bell. Carrying a gun within 500 ft..

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