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The tropical medical adviser for doctors without borders which has workers on the ground throughout west africa dr last me thank you for joining us thank you for having me how extensive and surprising assists this outbreak while the fact that it's already extended beyond with the the number i did a lot of interviews during the ebola outbreak and what i kept asking every time a journalist asked me at the end of the interviews are something i forgot i sign up with this i have one request can you please remember these countries once the apollo break his finish because knowing that it's nobody would care once the outbreak was finish was also very tough estonia says that even with all the danger trauma frustration and difficulties the humanitarian aid work she does with msf is both exciting and fulfilling in the rcd for one of my visits we were the first car to cross the road when the m 23 was in conflict with the national military it's not not super bless left to know that well you could randomly be targeted just because you're testing the road to make sure everything seems safe at the same time there is a bit of an adrenaline kicked i mean i'm i'm not going to lie to you there are some part of excitement that comes from that to go to places were others won't go and doesn't know only include places where there is a flood or or unearth quite but also places that are in conflict you're listening to making contact this week's program was produced by women rising radio visit us online at women rising radio dot com and at rainier project dot org.

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