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So this is going to be one of those episodes out in the bell. So it's all recorded on on my phone with very high tech equipment of headset. We have a Mike in it. This is the first of a new a new series which we're GONNA do at least at least two but we're hoping to get out to four or five in which I go walk around London with candidates to be the Alpine cities Maha and talk to them about their their plans. The campaign hoping to achieve this is you say the the first of the series today. I'm I'm out and about in new London. We've been WHO's the Liberal Democrat candidate. I've already anathema about in in different parts of the London. With with Sean Berry. WHO's the green candidates and CO leader of that party? And I'm hoping to get the wind up shortly Roy Stewart. He's very famous for his walking. Walking and kind of inspired. This entire project is running as an independent candidate. He's agreed imprint. Support the conservative candidate Sean. Bailey and our incumbent Labor masters ECON OF SURF approve slightly more release if but we live in hope. Hopefully we'll get those. Those guys suited soon. Anyway I say this is recruited. NEFA EH low tech way and there will be some background noise pop up and explain explain the series and apologized for that. It was recorded in early November which it was about a month before the for the election which returned Johnson's conservatives with with a massive majority so occasionally the might be a hint of political references to sound a little bit out after date coming from another world that will be why but without further ado. Let's get walking so I'm in seven sisters. which is the landmark? Under bar of Haringey Tottenham development going on around here Carmen. What was on the so? I'm looking at before. But it's some very big flats going. Not Bad now. Swear lowers her friend. A very good friend of mine lives up its own. Come a qua- lots of interviews. It's it's one of those bits. That's quite far out central London probably and the seven eight miles out but as a very fast to blind in the Victoria Law and say even though in zone free free. It's relatively easy to get into town. She's why why it's payment set by gentrification a lot of batteries around community centers use by wipe various immigrant communities all state redevelopment to taking place very close to here. But I'm up here today to see one of the candidates. It's to be London. mannix year the Liberal Democrats should Benita. Who I'm meeting at seven sisters market? I your plus I if we can find the market so we are in a very nice cafe seven sisters road and I'm here with Chevron Benita the Liberal Democrat candidate to be mayor of London next year. She won't tell you. I'm very good very good really nice to this morning. Thank you very much. Thank you very much for joining us. Utah first of all of the candidates whose Matt something in the diary of me so you know. Obviously we're let me nicer to you and everyone else. That's how this works. I thought you wanted to come up here to seven sisters Y Y. What isn't yeah? I think I chose seven sisters because his I came here to meet Vicky who we might see actually if we go for walks later and she's been leading this campaign to make sure that the voices of people who live in the area and in particular those that work in the Latin village in the seventy sixes market all heard because there are so many things going on around here in terms of regeneration schemes development schemes. Where the people who live work here just not being heard voices are not being listened to so to me? It's kind kind of a real example of what I'm saying across London actually in different areas as well where in our desire or in the man's desire in council's desire aw to regenerate and developed which is great. They're not doing it in a way that is taking the communities with them and actually. I'm all for regeneration but you have to do in a way that invests in people invest in the communities and doesn't written them apart and it was so sad actually to meet these amazing. It's obviously real Latin. The American community here at the heart of seven sisters. They've been fighting this for years and years and years and I just think this pattern of the most vulnerable people in London. Not Getting heard is something that we absolutely have to address. It does a little bit like ground. Zero gentrification in London because it's it's very easy to get the central London from here to start a poor area and you know this hour of the market minute but we're not that far from the will be down the state. Tell us the story of the market. What's happening so in the market again? It's part of this wider regeneration proposals here. We're actually sitting. We can see here. Paul Hi this big tower block. Let's gone up right opposite cafe where we're sitting now. And then there's this next phase which would regenerate the Ski Street in which the market says now the people in the market saying absolutely you need investment in in the building and everything and it is looking quite you know in need of a bit of Tlc. But what they're saying is there's no guarantees for for them off to its. Yes they're being told they can come back into that market but there's no guarantees about the rent. They might have to pay. How secure places would be in that market afterwards? And actually what they've created in the market is such an amazingly unique. How of diversity there are people from all over the world that come in that market and and so many of the local people there said to me this is their home is like their second home in the hall turning their kids there is a safe place for their kids to be an all they are saying is that developers and the local council are not listening to them? And actually here in Tottenham. I think you have a history of Labor Council not listening to People Labor rampage listening to the people and a Labor man coming in and listening to people and I was really shocked to hear from Vicky and the others in the market. That Sadique hasn't been here once wants in his Marathi to listen to the campaign. As I think that's just unacceptable if we were chatting a bit before we started feels to me. The one of the one of the issue is we kind of have no language almost for talking about a right to be in an area as a sense of ownership over narrator isn't intimately tied up with literally owning joining the site and so the decline in social housing people can be pushed out if they come with one anymore. I'm because this is quite close to central London. I am quite quickly tube. And so all this great opportunity to build posh flats a fifteen minutes from Oxford circus. How can we counter that? Like what can we do to actually Kinda give people the right to to remain in an area if they do not literally own land. That's a really really good question. I guess the only answer I can have to that is if we put profit above of all else and we don't value that sense of place mall we are GONNA lose. What makes London amazing? We talk about everybody. Talks about London's diversity and it's brilliant communities and I've been saying as I go round. We speak more languages in London than any city in the world. Champion kind of difference and diversity and we embrace immigration or some of us do I would. I would like to think more of us day but actually let's see if we allow people to get bulldozed out by developers are just after Prophet and not after building those communities or investing the communities meantime already here we will lose amazing character of London and is that what we really want so. I think it's a false economy as well because looking forward you're going to end up with London where everybody looks exactly the same where every borrower is completely unaffordable to normal people. Actually the city will stop functioning at that point because you need everybody mocking to make this amazing city work so think we have to come up. With some way valuing as you say place to me this is really personal. My mom came to London from India and my mom happened to come to a pile of London south west London where she found a little community tango Indian community where everybody else in that area looked after them and did give them a sense of place and let them put down roots and you know she went on to meet my dad. And you know we've had an amazing of life now. I wouldn't live anybody. Eddie Morales in the world tool if we don't value that kind of thing. Uh Like I say we'RE GONNA lose. What makes London brilliant? And I just don't want to see that happen.

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