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Coming in Is. Will Rory McIlroy exercise those demons once and for all, Get that green jacket and finish off the career slam and for six years running, the answer has been no. But at least Rory wasted no time getting us there this week because my man was d O A with an opening round 75. Thanks for coming. See you next year roars. Or so we thought. Check this, dude. There is Rory with an extremely respectable T five finish. I didn't know any better. You think this guy been in contention or something? Of course, he wasn't. It's just that when the pressure was off of him 18 holes into a 72 whole tournament Mom Mad actually started to play like the four time major winner that he is like the fourth best stick in the world that he is. Hard to believe, considering what Dustin Johnson just did. But consider this. Rory actually played the final 54 holes off the master's better than DJ. So the next time you hear somebody say that you cannot lose Ah golf tournament on the first day, point them at Rory. He actually did lose the golf tournament on the first day. Not the calendar year will be closed. With no more majors. Rory's drought is about to hit seven years which, for player of his caliber is pretty insane. I mean, I'm not saying it's easy to win a major But in that same period of time, Brooks is 14 of them. You're on speed this 13, and he's got no idea where the hell he is, and hasn't had any idea for a long time. Now. DJ just got a second. Even the cat at age 42 got one. Rory's had six chances to join Jack Tig Hogan. Gary Player, Jean Sarah's in As the on Lee golfers ever to complete the career slam, and he'll get 1/7 opportunity in April when they run the master's back again. At this point, I'll tell you what. I'm gonna take D. J and Brooks to get the slam before Rory. And they're each only halfway there. That's still bet on both of them, Not one of them, both of them. And before we put a bow on the master's completely let me tip my hat. And give a phony smile. And a big thumbs up to the great Phil Mickelson. Go back to last month, where the 50 year old rolled out to Hiss Second Senior PGA Tour event, and then he rolled up the field for his second senior PGA Tour win. He was what he had to say about that afterwards, and I quote It's fun for me to come out here and play well, and this is a good start for me is I try to build a little moment, um, heading into Augusta next month, end quote. That quote sounds almost exactly like what he said after he won the first. Old fat guys event. Because he said that it would help him in his preparation for the U. S. Open it win foot Now, if shooting 13 over par and missing the cut is helping him prepare then yes, that helped him get ready for the open a lot. So let's see if anything else changed prior to Augusta. Let's see. Let's see a beating up on a bunch of senior citizens actually does help him in the majors. Didn't work out for us Open, but maybe maybe the Masters would be different. Let's take a look. Nope. Phil Mickelson tied for 55th four spots above D F L And making history by matching his worst ever 18 hole, score the Masters with a third round 79. And this is what I called out back in August when 50 First said that he was using the Champions Tour to prep for majors. I called Bs right then, and I was right. In fact, I was right both times. Look, I'm not gonna sit here and laugh the guy's face. But that doesn't mean that elk won't Look, I already did back on last week's pod when I asked Steve Elkington. If there's any possibility that you can get major ready out on the senior circuit, not of chance. Might. He's out there just smashing it out on the champions, too. He's playing against guys like Doug back. Bernard Langer, who's an animal. He's 60 something years old him break pepperoni baby last week. He's like Jesus Christ! So I can't get enough of Phil. This is better than the Kardashians. This guy coming back. Tell me he's getting ready for the masses By plan, you know, Champions Tour. Has amazing cut. They like to fully appreciate that cut. You have to hear that back. There's elk. Alvin with a J C blast. He can barely even articulate the thought without cracking up. And he said that Pat Perez thinks it's hilarious and that it's even better than the Kardashians. Not chance, right. He's out there, just smashing it out on the champions, too. He's playing against guys like Doug back. Bernard Langer, who's an animal. He's 60 something years old him breath paparazzi. They move last week. He's like Jesus Christ! So I can't get enough of Phil. This is better than the Kardashians. This guy coming back. Tell me he's getting ready for the masses. By plan, you know, Champions Tour. So, like all your apologies, and all of you who are part of the hefty nation they're eating out of the palm of his hand. You could just hear what l said, like his peers. Had Perez like thinks it's the funniest thing ever like. I can't get enough of hefty telling people I'm getting ready for majors by playing on the Champions Tour like the guys who actually do it. Guys were actually in a think is the funniest thing ever like. It's such a joke. Hefty. I know this is impossible for you, but just once meant just be real for once. Just shoot it straight for once and just say it. No, these old man events on these shorter, easier tracks are not getting you ready for anything that matters. You say it. It's easy. It's easy, easy money. Anyone who says they can't. I mean, this is what he should say. Here's why I'm out here because it's easy. It's easy money and anybody who says that they can't wait to get to 50 to start mugging a bunch of old dudes and ripping their wallets are lying out there, Ass. That's why I'm out there. Easy, bleeping money. If you were to say that I cannot tell you how much I would respect it. If you would just say it. I know you never will, even if you know it's true, and that is the reason you're out there. Because it's helping me get ready for the U. S open because it's helping me get ready for the Masters. Come on, man. Just say it. Just say it easy, bleeping money. I couldn't wait for my 50th birthday. Lost, £50 turned 50 started cashing giant believing checks. Man. I would respect that so much. Why do you think I'm out here, man? I'm going up against 65 year olds. Easy, bleeping money. Still to come on Yucca Okan Woo NBA draft prospect that's coming up at 11 40 my time to 40 eastern time. Which means one more open segment. Use it. Try and get to Jimmy Butler Got an update on J buckets. 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