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That Mike Is Yours. And you see the podcast. Already started before the introduction Get excited with every guest. I have on here a lot of. I'm sorry interrupt you clean this thing. That was last touched by Stephen Pierce she the the singer from Iraq. So can you go ahead and give you a brand Mike. Because I know where he's been. Listen you want brand new. My Skull on Rogan's podcast. This is a low budget operation I'm GonNa give this man the introduction. He deserves. I don't have many people who are in any hall of fame. This might be well. Don frye was on this podcast. One of my first celebrity guest. Ast and I love Don. Frye hope he's doing well in Arizona. this man is a second. You'd see hall of Famer I've had on. It's he's referee. Now which makes perfect sense Place and he's probably the toughest guy with the nickname of twinkle toes. Give you for Mr Frank Trigg. You know I hate that nickname I mean. I felt weird even saying to you but it is your nickname. I'm trying to get rid of that thing for now. It's been almost twenty years right. Hold on twenty years. I'm trying to think for more than twenty years. I mean I was. I aware that nickname through I believe his name is the voice. Michael Michael Chabala. He gave it to you right. No no no. I got Lucia Ferrelli. Who was my manager time? His brother Rico was my trainer They gave it to me because I pay my toenails knows in Japan. He asked a female fight fight fan. You know who is your favorite fighter. The frights rover and everyone's kind of you know San Autographs and taking pictures all that stuff and and she was like. Oh I like the ball. Garo tattoos that note it down onto every American. That was on the car and Japan's near going to every single American guy who was on the car while a ball had tattoos and she's like oh the WOM- Toes and it stock. He's a total toast. Oh so he just ran with it and then he just that became the nickname you know. He also came up with the natural for couture Yasser came up with. What was Henderson's Hendro Hollywood is now back. Who was Hollywood Henderson? That was Louis came up with that one too He get with everybody's nicknamed that was part of the raw team. And so but I hate it from the very beginning to. It was a non like it and I've tried to get rid of it and just stuck. Thank God now You know the Beltran. The referee with two things super long beard. Yeah He gave me a new one Tristesse. Now that's running around in the Russian community tribulations as the riffing community Tight because I would. I would imagine you're all up for the same gigs. There's a big card this weekend Magazine and McGregor. That one guy the guy I gotta that'd be honest with you. I think there's too many cards I don't even see this like this is a pretty big fight and you. I haven't seen much on it well L.. Let me let me correct you slightly. This is a pretty big fight because conor McGregor is on this fight. It makes it bigger because he's fighting. Donald Sironi Aronie so with the UFC. All they really need is a main event. Indoor Komeda meant to be huge that will sell out the entire arena that will maximize mys- paper views. The rest occurred can be can be straight garbage right. Honestly it'd be straight garbage. It doesn't matter if they have a guy conor McGregor around the card. It's going to sell out. He says up by himself. You put one of the bad guys on the planet and Donald Cerrone on the card as well. It's going to do very well put those two together. It's fireworks it's going to sell you know I mean that's how it works for those guys like. I'm a heavyweight guy. I agree with everything you just said And even if I didn't agree with you you could kill me I'm fascinated by how like here. I am Mr Tough Hockey player and you could literally submit me in under five seconds. Well it's all relative The Truth Steve McKenna used to be married. Louisa forces one of my really good friends Seven to fifty. I used to beat the crap out of on the Mat. Put me on glass with livestream about shrimp to the bottom of my feet. Put a club in my hand. Let's change rock around on that glass and see what happens. You guys went every single time. It's so relative to the sport that you're in and we practice timing. Yeah Can I. Can I be most normal guys in the street. We're walking on the street and starts arguing with my wife. Can I defend her. Yes absolutely well you can too. You can do that as well. But you're not defending her against me because I'm not going to be. That guy was gonna try to start a fight with your fiance. I'm going to do that. That's not my game. The game game of the idiot. That does that that we can beat up. It doesn't matter because we're athletes between a baseball player. A catcher a guy that that's fourth that's the fourth utility guy for the outfield world. That played for the Houston Astros. While they're cheating winning. Winning a world series could still beat up that guy because he's an athlete. So that's the thing you have to get around it was like yeah you versus versus me on this wood floor inside inside your house. I'm winning oh I shouldn't put me on some ice. Let's see what happens. You're beating the crap Outta my catch you. I wouldn't even know what to do with you. Let's just say in the wildest scenario that We got mad at each other. I wouldn't even know like I. I would take one Chango Ongo. I hope I knock him out. That's your that's your best bet. That's my only be. I be last me I in runaway last. That's that's where you have to do but I'll assume I wouldn't be able to knock hugh out and then I'm in trouble. Well it depends. How much drinking am I am? I not paying attention to the backside and hit me behind the ear. You'd be amazed at how easy is the. Knock somebody out if you get them right and if I'm not paying attention I'm not ready for it like we're not the biggest problem when fight starts. Is that people start talking about fighting before they fight. Now we're talking about St Street fight so you now in his argument and we're getting accelerated. Things are sort of jumped up and then we start pushing shoving and then I was somebody get down right. It's like well that whole time. I'm waiting for that thing to happen if you and I an argument and you are going to go to the bathroom and I'm like okay. Let's go back to doing whatever and I'm taking it taking a drink and you come from behind me punching back of the head. You're probably going out because I'm not ready for it. I'm not looking for it but if I'm looking at you and I'm ready for it. You're not catching like what we let's say we're going to I'm just so curious. 'cause the last five I got an choked out in a hockey game I didn't realize the guy was a sheriff. And he did this amazing maneuver where he pushed me. We were face to face and he pushed me really hard with his left hand on my shoulder and it turned me around instantly instantly. Okay put me in a chokehold like a rear naked standing up and I was a well because well first of all for sheriff. He's not supposed to do that because that would be illegal to do on a perpetrator because he was in. He was in hockey game. It's totally fine. What about so And he it was little like he was probably I don't know maybe five six probably outweighed them At least seventy five pounds sounds and it was. I was out like that. Yeah and when I woke up he had my glasses in his hand. Because I hear those are really expensive prescription. I'm sorry apologize to them instantly by getting back to the too many cards. Are you know like a heavyweight guy. Yeah I just there's there's something magical to me about watching heavyweights with and I realized that lightweights can knock each other out with one punch But I grew up liking boxing in the seventies Eighties so like Mike Tyson. We saw we saw the end of Mohammed Ali. We saw the beginning of Leon spanks. We saw the end of Leon spinks. Tyson yeah we saw some legit tremendous heavyweight that I mean I have A. I will show you when you leave a signed buster Douglas Glove. I'm a big buster. Douglas Ninety in Tokyo had a nice. You know never talks about him but he is he on and if you look at the story behind. I'm sure you know the story. Sorry mom died. He was having a hard time. Rankin wasn't servicing. Build a run like this whole bit was going out with him. He showed up and just like that fight was not physical. He beat Tyson. 'cause he wanted it'd be Tyson it was mental fortitude. He showed up and said I'm going to beat this guy no matter what happens. I'm GonNa beat this guy and he went in and did it and end of it and then that was basically under Tyson at that point when she realized is like everybody else. It's weird once you figure out how to beat the Yankees Yankees why find with bullies and this could go to hockey fights if you go oh to MMA. I I always wanted to see but there's more than the you'll see You know that when the bullies beaten once they're never the saying you you know like Bob Probert who was the king of he was Tyson of the NHL in the late eighties to mid nineties but one night and Saint Louis. Todd did you and knocked him out. He was never the same. Marta mcsorley. Yeah I mean He. He taught me how that guy in the head. He thought for sure he was getting away with whatever he wanted he he was the guy. He was the enforcer so he could get away with whatever he wanted and then he did something so agree. Gis We're going to get you out of the League. That's how bad the situation that you'd caused us. We Tom I forget who he did. Donald or share dom Tomahawk him in the head. And how I met them I was in Manhattan beach at sharpies. Barrios Harry IOS heroes and they both were sitting next to each other and lily walked in. It was like I don't really know what's going on. I can't figure this out because the uniforms but I know you guys someplace. Oh Hey sure. Hey I'm like oh hey. Aren't you out of the League. Because of this. I is whatever it just had to be in town. They had to be sitting next to each other. It's crazy crazy. Well I think the controversial thing with that outside of the stick in the head and goes to. I don't know if there's a code within a May fighters but like in hockey. There's the code. If you beat a guy badly you owe him a rematch. Yes and that was the situation that people kind of forget and I'm not saying what mcsorley day was right but You know shared beat them pretty badly earlier in the game in a straight up fight. Yeah and he did the He had this thing where when he would beat someone really bad he would wipe hands together like he was done with them right..

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