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Bit and he told me what it's like for a kid his age to land a role in a movie this big john welcome anthony thank you so big animated films like this take some time to make your twelve i bet it feels like forever since you first got involved yes so i recently turned thirteen nasa o'kane gain honor teen long did it take the whole filming so i started the audition for cocoa when i was nine nine yes could've go through puberty during that had lost you yeah so yeah it was a very long process and at the age of ten actually got to go to a picks are in a picture headquarters in oakland so that was very exciting for me every time they would tell me you're going to pixar because like the food there is delicious yeah and the picks are stories this amazing and i knew that i would be doing the voice of me which was so much fun alongside the director lee anchorage and the producer dr lander sin and the codirector aging molina how do you feel now that the movies out uh what oh well it's not out yet in some places you're i can't wait for everyone to see it because it's just a a wonderful film that really is about the importance of family and remembering your ancestry or a your i've got two daughters and hoping to take them see this film did always trust the roll man and his movie taste so if you're were my shoes you have to sell this film to my daughter's you tell them who miguel is what the films about what would you say so a meal as a 12yearold boy who just loves music so much that his passion by his family doesn't improve of him playing music because of things that have happened in passionate rations so miguel has to keep his passion for music a secret because of that hands of going on a magical journey slander the dead and she really goes there to really seek his dream which has to be a musician and that's what he wants to do is interesting i'm a guy who sought my passion which was stand up comedy and continues to be sent of comedy it feels like i'm gonna relate to the spill more than my daughter's i don't even know if i need to take them and more a lot of names.

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