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One thirty I'm Gerry Hotchkiss figure for use up a house Democrats have subpoenaed secretary of state Mike Pompeii for documents relating to Ukraine they also schedule legal depositions for other state department officials one of whom resigned Friday night and except for the intelligence committee which will be at work right now take a two week break they have this window of time to go back to their home districts and make the case for impeachment they've seen the polls inch up when it comes to public support for impeachment but they like to see those polls get quite a bit higher so they'll be taking questions I'm sure at town halls about impeachment and perhaps making the case more aggressively than they have before Nancy quarters at the capitol the White House Steven Portnoy leads here insist the rough transcript of the Ukraine call was handled appropriately by White House lawyers senior a kellyanne Conway couldn't say whether her boss order the official record of the call move to a system only a small handful of dates can access the president doesn't even know what that system is why would ease the president CBS news update on Tom Foley. uber will begin cramming more services into its raid ride sharing apposite explores ways to generate more revenue and finally turn a profit the makeover announced Thursday will include force feeding its food delivery service each into the uber app that millions of people use to summon a ride that means over users who don't already have the each app may now be asked whether they want to order some food in the ride hailing app itself health officials in Texas are reporting more people with lung problems linked to vaping K. are oldies Andrew Greenstein reports Chris van Dusen with the Texas department of state health services says there are currently fifty four cases of beeping related illnesses across the state the most we've had is in our North Texas region with twenty two cases on top of those fifty four statewide cases the department is also looking into whether thirty five other illnesses are related to vaping been Dusan says even though beeping has been around for years there is currently no explanation into the explosion of beeping related illnesses thus he has some very simple advice our biggest messages for young people teens and young adults and women who are pregnant don't fade into Greenstein newsradio ten eighty K. are all.

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