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Sixty seven degrees in boston right now he's sunshine at four o'clock good afternoon i'm laurie kirby and here's what's happening the supreme court rules the census bureau for right now cannot add a citizenship question but this is not a done deal the justices kicked the case back to a lower court in the southern district of new york we're getting reaction today for mayor walsh he calls it a win that should be celebrated saying everyone counts just read the constitution we also heard today from kate shaw what the supreme court said today was the record that we're looking at suggests that the administration wasn't honest about the reasons that it wanted to add a citizenship question and we're not going to just accept at face value this justification that doesn't seem to match the conduct of the administration we don't know why they wanted to add to citizenship question and they certainly have the power to make discretionary policy judgments about all kinds of things including what is on the centers but they have to go through a process that considers evidence and they have to provide some sort of explanation that is a._b._c. news corp contributor kate shaw we are standing by still for the to make a decision in the boston marathon bombing case jars are naive appealing his death penalty conviction he believes the case against him was rigged when the judge refused to move his trial out of the city of boston the defense admitted from the outset of his trial covered extensively here on w._b._z. that's our knife in his older brother carried out the marathon attack which killed three and wounded more than two hundred sixty as brother died in a gun battle with authorities in watertown organizers of boston's plan straight pride parade august thirty first can expect pushback w._b._z.'s karyn regal reports organize a forty thousand people strong counter march and rally in response to the two thousand seventeen free speech rally revving up again for the straight pride parade monica cannon grant cambridge's black lives matters has a straight pride parade is a little nuts.

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