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It at Nova speaking by bands old SECO. He shot missed to stand. No read one or look in the building. Let let me check my instagram. I might be at a Yoyo. Yo Yo Yo. Good Morning Good Morning. Good morning and big ups everybody out during the the universe back with another one and Andre War gives his take on the number one and two in the heavyweight division is he. Right is watering theory. Number what I meant when I will have to say I mean I think at the we seen. Aj rules and the dramatic fashion day loss to to a guy that's a with a twenty to one hundred dollars to me. I came back. 'cause I picked him in the rematch. But that may be does leave a little credence to to say debt. That wilder Are wanted to do we think. Water or free with a loss to Andy Ruiz. I mean I I know. It's a hypothetical question but still still remaining so I will have to say I agree with them even know I still think the. Aj Beach Theory always that. But that's just my personal opinion but what's going on your what up. What up chair so excited to have these two interviews and excited to talk about this Andre Ward Man I wanted to keep the unguarded episode as a separate episodes that we will do later in the week. If not later today I. We have a very jam packed day. I'll just reiterate.

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