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Out of the compound concentrating on the back right corner near the warehouse gymnasium eleven forty a m the last fair rounds are deliver 1145 wall on the rear white right side of the building collapses twelve will seven dividian start simultaneous fires at three or more different locations within the compound and observe report seen a male starting a fire in front of the building twelve twelve pm to go to negotiators calling caressed lead the divisions out to safety nine dividions flee the compound are arrested 1225 pm the fbi here systematic gunfire coming from inside the compound leaving several agents or giving several agency impression that the dividions are either killing themselves are killing each other 12 41 firefighting efforts begin agents entered tunnels to search for survivors especially children none are found it is all over now in all 76 branch davidians died nine survived the fire unable 19th an independent investigation by two experts from the university maryland's department fireprotection and schering conclude the compound a residents had sufficient time to escape the fire if they had chosen so if they had so desired a tops autopsy records also indicate that at least twenty branch dividians were shot including five children under the age of fourteen threeyearold dalen gent was stabbed in the chest the medical examiner who performed the autopsies believes these deaths were mercy killings by branch dividians trapped in the fire with no escape david crushes burned corpse the dinner five by dental records an autopsy revealed he died by bullets to the head it's inconclusive as to whether or not the wound was selfinflicted and the destruction of the compound and the death of its cult leader david koresh takes us out of this timesuck time good job soldier made in fact.

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