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Mention for a preview back in two thousand nineteen. We're finally getting to see it. And if you wanted to why i would physician this movie as potentially one of my favorite movies ever made. Here's david erlich in indy. Wire i'm just gonna read you a couple of phrases. A triple layer met a romance zephyr calm story of loss love and artistic reclamation i mean he had a triple layered met a romance. And then you go to the full on synopsis. A filmmaking couple summer retreat to the idyllic island that inspired their hero bergman blurs the lines between reality and fantasy and their own relationship. I'm not sure this movie actually exists. I think someone just took it out of my brain and said oh what movie will adam give five stars to. Even if he doesn't see it and you have the plot synopsis for bergman island. That is a high expectation. it is right. Tim roth and vicky kreps. Both talented actors are the couple. Me of us kab ska also in it. Mea hanson loved. The director herself does appear in the movie. Though i'm not sure in what capacity and there's a part in the trailer where his character says something like you realize we're going to sleep in the bed where they shot scenes from a marriage and then you get the punch line. Which is i think we're gonna have to find another bet right and it almost makes even though. I don't think the movie is going for this at all. The trailers suddenly doesn't suggest it. It's almost like a horror movie setup or some kind of psychological thriller we know this house is supposedly haunted but will brave it. That's all nonsense. We're volatile married couple. Let's go to bergman island. That'll be good for us. That'll that'll recall our love. Yeah perfect couples. Therapy going to bergman island. The island here in question is the island pharaoh where he made through a glass darkly and shame and i think persona built a studio on the island to film scenes from a marriage. I think all total made six features. They're the tv series and two documentaries about the island itself. Lot of history here. And i think that gets kind of what my true question about. This movie is. Here's another that from david. Ehrlich in india where he says while the iconic swedish artist is amusingly inescapable and bergman island is films are name checked in almost every scene many of which take place on the exact spots where they were shot or in the house where he wrote them. This supple puzzle box is more interested in him as a means to an end. So that's that's what i really want to explore and discover as much as i'm geeking out as a bergman fan and a fan of movies about movies and meta movies and i will say i trust that ehrlich is probably right. I trust hansa love as a filmmaker as well. So it's not really a question of kimchi. But how will she juggle all that name checking in the visual measures to make something that doesn't feel suffocated by the weight of bergman and his legacy october fifteenth is when will find out when it hits select theaters. I mean how good to see. Vicki crops back on screen to and this sounds like i think she's very good in old. The shamlan fell but it doesn't really give her what we know she can do based on phantom threat. This sounds like it'll be a little bit more up that alley so can't wait to see it either. And i will note that of course with my number two pick. I talked about jessica chastain and next week on the show were planning to talk about the card counter with oscar isaac oscar isaac and jessica chastain re teaming as a married couple previously in a jc. Chander film here. they're back as a couple in the. Hbo version of scenes from a marriage. That's coming out. I think in october. And i love the original series. One disgust by sam and me back on a way long forgotten episode of film spotting to see those two actors wrestling with this material is something. I am eager to see so add that to my fall. Movie preview can't wait for scenes from marriage on. Hbo those are our top five questions about the fall. Movie season josh any titles. You haven't gotten too many questions you want to throw out there. No leftover questions. i'm looking in my rankings. Of just what. I most anticipating. I can give that real quick so french dispatch would be number one followed by dune. And then tighten the julia duke or no follow up to raw. Raw was a top ten list for me. Can't wait for that. The impeachment ponderosa coon film with tilda. Swinton memoria that's coming out before thanksgiving i believe and then my fifth most anticipated. And you know. I might have the dates wrong on some of these. But i think passing. Rebecca hall's adaptation of the nella larsen novel that one i did read not too long ago is fantastic Believe that is out shortly here. Starring tessa thompson and ruth negga. So yes just some of the titles. I'm in general really looking forward to our producer. Sam is going to give you a point for nailing the. We're coon which i can't say. Nearly as well as you obviously you you did call it titan. And not teton which he busted my chops for the other day. Why didn't he put out a red alert. I know he should add it on spotting pronunciation guy but pronunciation guide. Okay i think he wanted you to fail. T wants you to look at this. I think it's going forward all right. That's what that's what. Sam noted french speaker of that. Do porno film i alas did not rank my titles even though i definitely thought about it and after the french dispatch which is clearly at number one and yeah i really after revisiting. Some of these recent daniel craig bond films really do wanna see. No time did i. Of course yes. I'm curious as well about dune. Red rocket might be the other title. We've talked about it here on the show. Because i think it played a fester too but the latest from sean baker definitely among my top five most anticipated films of the ball. We love to hear the movies..

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