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That was like my first name. And i was born Over michael and then. I guess who whatever reason my mom gave into. My dad name made a second so so. It's been waiting for predictable life. Great well. I think i last question really what What is it that you really want to make sure that you accomplish this spring. You're being in camp As a non roster guy coming off a weird year where there were no games in you spend the alternate site and you start off on a on a really good foot here this spring But you know what over the next few weeks as games plant and everything. What is it you hoping to accomplish. i mean to be quite honest as to make the team Just like the rest of the guys. I mean you could ask anybody In the locker room to regardless of if you had bigly camp you have a chance to make the team If you're in a minicamp situation you have a chance. Anybody as a chestnut team. I think like i said Like everybody knows We all are working our ass off apart my friends. We all work hard to to get to this point. We've all been given an opportunity and now it's pretty much there for the taking for I guess whoever I guess the gm and the ownership group to make the decision. But yeah like. I said i'm looking to accomplish making the team Continuing to work my butt off and to continue to develop make adjustments as the game adjusts to me just understand. Even if. I don't make the team that i've accomplished a lot in my life and continue to accomplish a lot and it never just give up. No i'll accomplish a lot as i continue with my life so that's pretty much. Make the team in move the seeing how how it plays out over the next weeks. Thank you so much for joining us on this and appreciate you taking out the time. But he read that for sure thank you thanks again to buddy. Read joining us here on his. Plus our producers were allen johnson and king kaufman. We'll be back soon with more as plus. Thanks for listening..

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