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Can lose twenty to fifty pounds in mere forty days so we know the yankees and the red sox are going to be in the playoffs just a matter of who we know the indians went in the central nothing that's stopping no doubt about it the vision is used mainly the playoffs right hundred percent further yeah now i know seattle's got a big lead i the i don't love him who in the american league maybe it's oakland a team that i thought would be decent i dunno if i thought they would ninety games or anything the angels have really fallen off the rays of played well is there anybody you think that could challenge seattle for that second wildcard spot or are they gonna find their way into the postseason for the first time since one well if otani comes back i definitely have the pieces to do something interesting in right now that's a big lead and it's a funny thing you're absolutely right i to be sitting here and looking at the standings and just saying we're rooting against seattle everything else doesn't really matter much we're just that's all we got left the root for i guess you could look at the yankees or boston gonna win one's going to be the wild card but i mean it's unfortunate the way it's turned out we've got for the playoff teams i agree with you guys one hundred percent and seattle has got the big lead give oakland credit i think you said you liked oakland loved the dodgers so but i also like the white sox so what do i know i do a lot more in the future this thing in the future let me tell you scenario i want to paint this scenario you wanna talk about what we're going to take phone calls on in september besides football listen to this scenario joe just wait for these calls mariners have just completely run away with the second wildcard they're on their way to ninety two wins whatever it is no one's close and red sox are fighting tooth and nail for the division they're playing each other to end the year they may even have to play another one game playoff the yankees pitching severino the red sox have bitten sell their so loses and they have to take on the well rested rotation setup mariners who hadn't played a big game in a month about that scenario people off it's always dangerous playing one game and i think people were looking at it with trepidation specially early with paxton doing so great throwing no hitter looking dominant he throws a hundreds of lefty but i you know i i don't look at him like some kind of randy johnson i think even a one game series i understand it's only it's only one game and people complain it's not fair whatever but i mean normally the best better team has won that game you know you go all in as you said everybody's got everything going and last year even would severino not starting out grade the yankees ended up winning that game has everybody figured that they would we kind of knew they'd have trouble with kyko when they when they had to face him when he was hot so you know it's gone pretty predictably i think the wild card and i think yeah you're right they're going to not want to play that game because you don't know what's going to happen for sure but i still have it severino i still take him deepak agree with you about that i'm more talking about red sox yankees final day of the year tie for first place sale versus severino a lose it as an have that guy for a while card game trying to win the division can really hurt the division because they are battling through russian rightfully so while the mariners may not be battling for everything i agree i mean houston to me is the favourite to me they're the best team they have the best rotation the yankees the best lineup but houston's lineup is pretty good too i mean you you took the houston team in the world champion they geared cold of that team that's a pretty.

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