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Into my schedule, then I take away all of the decision making in the stress about when I'm going to do it habits how to build them how to maintain them. First this news Live from NPR news. I'm nor Rahm In a recorded phone call this weekend, President Trump has heard urging Georgia's Republican secretary of state to overturn the state's presidential results. Georgia Public Broadcasting's Stephen Fowler has details. In an hour long call Saturday obtained by Georgia Public Broadcasting President Trump continued to claim without evidence that he won Georgia and that fraud tainted the election. He told secretary of State Bride Rapids Burger to undo the certified results that were confirmed by a full hand audit and a machine recount and to do it fast ahead of crucial Senate run offs Tuesday, and you would be Respected. It's really respected. If this thing could be straightened out before the election, you have a big election coming up on Tuesday. The White House has not responded to NPR's requests for comment. Republican incumbents David Perdue and Kelly Leffler, face Democrats Jonah Stop and Rafael Warnock on Tuesday in run offs that will decide control of the Senate. Trump also suggested Republican turnout would be lower Tuesday because Georgia officials did not alter the results for the president for NPR news. I'm Stephen Fowler and Atlanta, California Democrat Nancy Pelosi has been re elected speaker of the House in a narrow vote. NPR's Kelsey Snell reports Speaker Pelosi was reelected with five Democrats choosing not to select her for the job. Democrats begin the new session of Congress with a narrow 222 2 211 majority. This marks Pelosi's fourth term as speaker. She was first elected the job in 2007 and regained the gavel in 2019. Pelosi will lead Democrats as they prepared to work with President elect Joe Biden to enact his agenda. The new session of Congress is beginning under 10 circumstances as the Corona virus crisis continues to ravage the country. Roughly 50 members of Congress have tested positive for the virus since the pandemic began. One member elect Louisiana Republican Luke let Lowe died last week of complications from covert 19. Kelsey Snell. NPR NEWS Washington In East Texas of pastor is dead and two other people are injured after a shooting this morning inside a church building. Authorities say a suspect is under arrest. From member station K E R A Miranda Suarez has more. Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith told reporters on Sunday. The suspect was fleeing law enforcement for an unknown reason on Saturday night. Smith says. The suspect you starve ill Methodist Church and Wynonna as a place to hide, he says. The pastor found the suspect in the bathroom on Sunday morning, and according to the sheriff, it seems the suspect shot and killed the pastor with the pastor's own gun that related.

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