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A happy song. His I love it. I'll tell you. What else are you gonna love? Columbus. Ohio on Saturday may eleventh our live show. It is well over half sold out already. But there's still some great seats left. So come on. Now, we've got a meet and greet. After the event we're going to have a super time. There are only eleven special seating available. If you are confined, let's say to a wheelchair or something like that. There are eleven seats left there as well. And you'll be able to see them when you go to their website. It's at the Lincoln theatre Saturday may eleventh, Columbus, Ohio go to events at the top of the homepage. Simple Azad or in the revolving carousel real you could do that. One of our guests will be Ohio zone Marianne when cow ski the ghost whisperer. You could also call the Lincoln theatre ticket office at six one four four six nine zero. Oh, nine three nine that's six one four four six nine zero nine three nine then on July twenty seventh. We're going down south to Florida for the Miramar Fort Lauderdale Miami area, and Tom will tell you all about that. We are headed down there. The Miramar cultural center beautiful arena. It's a big arena. And it's starting to pick up speed as far as ticket sales. So we wind to get this win going early. We call it radio to stage. It's the grand experience. So come on out left, three guests, psychic, medium, and spiritual. Counsellor chip Coffey will follow that with anomaly hunter Billy Carson. And if you've never heard this guy in coast to coast or seen his work. He's phenomenal. And we're gonna end the night with motivational speaker. Jim Paris, he'll talk about overcoming adversity in your life, and how to pray for financial miracles and kind of get yourself on track. So the live band audience participation, and of course, the meet and greet to follow. It's really neat because we put microphones in the in the aisles, which you know, George, so you can walk up and. Talk to you or talk to the guests during the different segments..

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