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To determine if the pressure of the job is creating the situation. The same thing we did with the police services on 9 11 for PTSD. So I don't know if we have time. That was a very good question, by the way, Joseph and the kind of thing that I don't want to say. I challenge that statistic. But there's good and bad. There's good doctors, bad doctors and everybody needs to follow the law. Yeah, that's a good question. A good challenging question. And I think The number may be off, but the concept yes. That's a concept you got to take, so we will be back right after the break. We got plenty of calls, and that's what we want. We want all you people who participate. Hang on and Please call We want to talk to you. W 25,300 new Corona virus Infections reported in the US yesterday, the first time the daily count has dropped below 50,004 days, FDA Commissioner Dr Stephen Han said this morning. There's some good news on the treatment front as well. We're seeing this surgeon cases, particularly across the sun belt, and so this virus is still with us. Which is why Public health message about how to protect yourself and others is so important. We are, however, in a very fundamentally different place than we were back in March in April, we have new therapeutics that we didn't have it the time so treatments rendez severe steroids and this plasma program, or over 28,000 people have been treated. Two people have been killed in a shooting early this morning at the lavish lounge nightclub in Greenville, South Carolina, Eight people were wounded. Some of them are in critical condition. An 11 year old boy has been shot and killed in Washington, D C. Police say five men were quote shooting up the area nearby on Christopher Cruz. W A b c New York.

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