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World jammed up in ever what's going on here? Yeah, This is a problem with the traffic lights on Route 16 and every nickel Reddit Santilli circle. That's the rotary there in Everett. A real problem. It's got rich 16 jammed up in both directions as well as really big delays in and out of that Gateway shopping plaza. So you may want to avoid the area. For now, if you can elsewhere up north. Things are good with the upper and the 1 28 Rue 1 90 three's all leased out to Woburn and end up in Wilmington as well to the South. The worst of it is Route one South, which is jammed almost two miles to Foxboro. Getting into the stadium tonight. There's a holiday themed happening going on there. It seems like this and every night, probably right through the holidays. Well, the expressways good. Now it's all these doubt in both directions in and out of the city, Route three on the South Shore. Just fine route 24 South is good into that Bridgewater Raynham stretch. All the Mass Turnpike is good here. Westbound running about 24 minutes from the Pru Tunnel Luxury 30 and Framingham downtown. Nice and quiet on Storrow Drive in the lower deck of 93. They've eased out delivery connector and the Tobin Bridge or good to my king. WBC's traffic on the threes, all right. When we got some clouds out there tonight and keep in mind, it's going to be a little bit chilly, especially if you're north and west of Boston. I've got some lows tonight in the city about 28, but north and west of the city, with this wind coming in from the West could feel a little bit closer toward the upper teens tomorrow day very much like today Sunny to partly cloudy that brief sticking around so layers will certainly still be necessary High in the mid to upper thirties.

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