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Think has true thinks she got mad because he felt like she was like she ain't want people to know teach took his as she definitely took it as a info picking money up though it's not that's not picking the money of course it can it could be again like i say i don't think it's a right or wrong i just think it's a preference her preference is you think is wrong you're going to even if you say how she dressed you're going to concert no it's wrong i'm saying but i don't think it's wrong i okay it's wrong in the in the moral of it but i don't think for the guy it was that you'll just pick in shit perform she doing different than the doing the strip club of she didn't actually take her leads and then go back to lose point lately i mean for the past couple of years since the shots he hasn't been really been relevant or she's been doing this posting thirst trump's on instagram true very much because when all those clothes on she said the level of the instagram models through get mad because somebody on dollars that you wanna stage some i'm here to saying concert although although ashanti i look i don't handle what you need editor adl nice and if you wanna show your you'll sell instagram by all means listen hear you but i want her mother oh man true her mother bay into real talk even way back a number a number two artists that i never was big on them as far as singers which is a shanty and kisha coal when i always thought they were gorgeous females and when everybody was on beyond beyond beyond say i was saying santi which lady i think so too dog it's also pretty yossi is average woman i agree sees she's average she's beautiful beautiful oh wait a lot of singers as i feel more beautiful like keri hilson is gorgeous not on my she not on my radar okay so this fucking dating i'm gonna say a mess they occurring hilson is ugly that's not what i'm saying i'm saying when it comes to like somebody we talking celebrity rating owners scale when i see celebrities certain celebrities curry hilson is not one and i'm like you saw her walking on the street you wouldn't think i see curry so curry hilson walking no okay so listen threes this i'm going to buy in trouble is three celebrities if you was if you was if you was to have three celebrities i could stand in front of you right now female who would they be going i i go for for number one osa nia long i knew he was okay long is this even though i heard she's very arrogant number two is jada pinkett even after the enhancement why so roach was movie day trip cheek cheeks did for us to like her to cheat number three meagan good.

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