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Senate came back to work today with an almost immediate defense of the return from GOP leader Mitch McConnell senator McConnell says the Senate is taking up important nominations but I don't think anybody could seriously argue that filling critical national security posts is not essential Senate business that's exactly what Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer is arguing judicial nominees legal immunity for big corporations in all due respect Republican leader these are not the nation's most urgent priorities right now the house is not in town this week following a strong recommendation from the capital position over health and safety considerations Linda Kenyon Washington former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue says don Shula represented the highest standards of excellence and one of shoeless favorite Miami Dolphins Larry's uncle recalled he would not bend the rules the winningest coach in NFL history don Shula died today at ninety I'm Jim Johnson at Fisher investments we do things differently and other money managers don't understand why because our way works great for us but it may not work for your clients that's why Fisher investments as a fiduciary obligated to put clients first is the highest standard for a financial adviser so what do you provide cookie cutter portfolios like the rest of us no cookie cutter portfolios here Fisher investments Taylor's portfolios to meet each client's goals and needs but you do sell investments that are new high commissions right and.

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