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I think the brink it has talked about it as well. Hasn't it like you deserves some credit for for what? We're watching this team do right now, Doesn't he? No question. No question. First of all, Think back 23 seasons ago when he took over in November for Joel Quenneville. Hey, had had one year in Rockford under his belt, had some success with them. He gets thrown into the fire with a team that had basically had one coach for 10 years and a system. That was specific to Joel and they had their routine. Everybody understood it. Here comes a guy who was younger than Duncan Keith younger than Brent Seabrook as the head coach, So I think there's probably its trust. Issue there off the top, just hearing a different voice. Then you throw in last year shortened by the pandemic. I think it was really important. For that team to go toe Edmondson last year in the bubble and to see them rewarded for the style of play that Jeremy wants this team to Diogo. And it was that Series win over admitting that screwed up their their their draft order, so to speak, But I think not only show the players that his system Is something that can work and be rewarded in this league. But I think it gave Collison some confidence as well as a young coach, that the road he was heading down. Eyes. The correct one and then this season could not have started any worse guys. It looked like a death march for games in. They've given up 20 goals and not won a game. And they've turned it around to be this surprisingly fun team to watch. So yes, he does deserve credit for this because I think those you know eight rookies that were and and second your players that were in the lineup last night. They're probably more inclined to accept what the marching orders are from a coach. But now there's on Lee, a few veterans that are around and both Keith and Cane I can tell you are buying in. Totally. They are. They are accepting their mentor ship role for some of these other guys. They're thinking back 14 years ago, Patrick King when he broke into the league and who helped him along. Duncan's going back 16 17 years thinking about when he entered the league and who brought him off and he's now paying it back. And so it's been a total by in, it's been surprising. And I do think the coach Jeremy Collison while he's never gonna win a press conference, just not his style. Hey, deserves credit for the way this team is playing, Pat. What is the bottom line here? Are they not bad or or the Blackhawks? Actually good. I think they're they're closer to, uh, between not bad and good. I mean, think their up and coming. I don't think we need to start planning the parade route. Or get ourselves ready for for the Tom Brady Tampa tour. I think this is a young team that has has decided to give these guys an opportunity. Two. Figure out whether or not they're building blocks for a championship team and again, I still hold out hope. I think Jonathan Tae's is going to be back at some point this year. I don't think Kirby Doc will come back. I think that's a would be too much of a risk, especially with an a risk injury to a center Menand and the importance of taking draws. I think there's a really good chance that the captain comes back. And could you imagine the team that is humming the way it's been humming with points and 10 of their last 11 games? You know the third ranked power play the 10th rate penalty kill, surprisingly, getting good goaltending all of a sudden gets one of the best leaders in the game. That would be the trade deadline acquisition of all trade deadline acquisitions. And that would make this team even stronger. So still holding out hope that that could happen. I'm I'm not expecting them to make the playoffs, but I think they're gonna make it an interesting run to try and get into that Top four at this point, isn't it? They exceeded our expectations. Which were very, very low, but that does I'm not taking anything away from them because they've been really fun to watch. But it's a small sample size and just the best way that you could describe it to yourself is is just keep your expectation levels. Had a reasonable spot, right? PB? Yeah, but I mean that, you know, we're in Chicago, so I mean, it's It's like, you know, the Bears went 12 games one year and we expect them to make the next step in the following year and And that's where we you know, were 14 games in and you're having me on the show. I probably not on the show today if they had two wins, and they were in last place in the central, so Yes, we should be. Absolutely encouraged with what we saw. We've seen so far. They have exceeded expectations. But this is just the beginning. This is just, you know, a foundation, so to speak. You're trying to figure out if all of this is sustainable. I mean, I said this on the hockey show last week on ESPN 1000 Saturday morning, lieutenant that like I was in the camp that I wanted to see. Corey Crawford back for like a one year deal. I thought that made sense. I thought it was too risky with the defensive performance that I saw from this team the last couple years, giving up so many high danger chances on every given night. Turn it over to three unproven netminders. Had they gone that route and brought Cory back or say any veteran were 14 games in That veteran would have started minimum 8 to 9 games, the other three would have had to split up the other 45 games. There's a chance Kevin LinkedIn may have one game under his belt or no games under his belt because he was the third option this year. Imagine if they would have gone the conservative route off, bringing in an established veteran netminder and try to find a replacement among the group. We may have no idea that we've got a gem underneath our finger here and Kevin liking it. So it's an example of When you make the decision to go all in. Yeah, you open yourself up to, uh, speculation and things could go south. But something like this could happen. That would not have if you've gone the traditional round. That's why we go with Tyler Bray next year. We need to find AARP use at quarterback. I think the thing get Ryan pace over to Europe. Maybe maybe maybe the bears of Mrs all along there, that's good, while We'll send him to Europe and leave him there. That's probably good bastard. Yeah, great stuff. P b. We will be listening in the hockey show 10 A.m. on Saturday and we will be watching on NBC. Sports Chicago. Yep. Tomorrow night back on against Columbus. See if they can keep this thing going. Yeah, I love it. Brothers games really quick. There's Pat Boyle all over the black Watch this much regular season hockey. I think years I know and it's good. It's good to have them playing well. It really is that the Bulls have an interesting game tonight as well. We could talk a little about that, and also cap tried to explain himself. Play you that next bottle. Insulin's on ESPN 1000, Chicago's home for sports. Black and Abdullah Abdullah. Yeah, no. Abdal instantly..

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