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The alarm is being raised over the fate of muddied cameras. He's a doctor who is believed to have been jailed in Syria, his family believe he's been held for the past two years. But have only now decided to go public with his story. Joshua mama's has previously worked with the humanitarian charity med global its head. Dr hassle has been speaking to Newsday. This is a person that he jumps into the plane to help the victims of disasters his background as mental health is psychotherapist. He has a few children he has grandchildren, but he helped the victims of Hurricane Katrina in the United States. You went to Kosovo to help the victims of the war there in Bosnia in other places in the world. And then when the crisis started in Syria, he went to Lebanon and other places to help refugees, and he spend a few months in Lebanon, helping the refugees and. That's how I got to know him and got to know his work. He's very humble, man. He's a family man humanitarian at heart, who sacrificed is is your practice to help the refugees. And he doesn't deserve to be in the present for any reason. The only information that they got besides the fact that he was in Mazar present that he was taken by one of the also infamous security apparatus in Syria called the Adela, which is a government security. I mean, there seventeen the security systems Celia, this is one of the worst of them. And also the fact that everyone was asked to help getting more information or to Kentucky much. Our cameras. He said, I cannot touch this. I cannot touch this file which is also not a good sign, which means that the Syrian authorities or am that della. A person of. VIP a prisoner actually can use this term and that they don't want to convey or share information with anyone even the people who are connected aside, the system it could be just because he's an American citizen and the government is using him as a pressure point at the American government to get some concession, but the Syrian regime is famous to target physicians and humanitarian, they're more than eight hundred fifty doctors and nurses were killed in Syria and targeted in the last seven years, you know, he he probably helped victims in Lebanon, other places were tortured was so horrible things. And maybe that's why he's festered threat. There's no other reason for sixty one years old psychiatrist from the United States who are helping the victims of disaster and war to represent and that was the head of med global doctors hassle all talking about the faith they'll doctor Majid Kamal Mazda. Doctor who is believed to have been jailed in Syria. This is Newsday on the BBC World Service with Connie and Ben let me give you a top stories from BBC newsroom. President Trump has backed down with the democratic congressional speak at Nancy Pelosi. He's agreed to delay. His state of the union address until the government shutdown is over nNcholas Maduro Venezuela's facing ever deeper isolation after a dozen countries joined the US in recognizing and opposition leader as interim president and Felix. Jessica d is due to be sworn in as president of the Democratic Republic of Congo in the first peaceful transfer of power in the country's history. Let's get the sports news now with my Kenyan Naomi Asaka the US open champion one through in a thrilling second semifinal of. The Australian Open beating Carolina plus giver, six two four six six four afterwards. She said she was pleased with the way she responded to losing that second set. I guess just experience playing matches like this to be honest. I was so scared serving second serves. Oh my God. Sleaze. Somehow, I made it. So I guess that's experience. I don't know. Is looking pretty good at the moment. Soccer. She got a couple of seconds services as well. In that match. I read a stat which I haven't confirmed completely which says she's the first new grand slam champion to reach the final of the next grand slam event in sequence since Jennifer Capriati all the way back in two thousand and one. Fitchburg is a good one. Isn't it? She'll take on Patrick vertebra in the final at the weekend to beat Danielle Collins in the earliest semi the winner will be the new world number one coming shortly tissue pass against nodal news on how that pans out in sport today at nine hundred thirty GMT brace yourself, this is going to be confusing for Matt with the sport. It's to the other Matt Matt Davis for the business or really the business of sports confused already. Talking about football. But there's that's because the accountancy firm Deloittes has published its latest list of the world's richest football clubs. So not who's on top of that money league. Real Madrid has clinched the top spots with Barcelona in second place, Real Madrid with revenues of around eight hundred million dollars last season knocked Manchester. United off the top spot. But there are record six clubs from the English Premiership in the top ten I spoke to Tim bridge from the Deloittes sports group. The surprise for rules really is now the domination of the Premier League in in the top ten and we've seen the share more English clubs in the top ten of Armani leaked and we have a half before and the dominance of the English clubs financially doesn't always necessarily linked to on pitch performances we've seen with you know, with the Spanish giants. Holding some of them not monopoly recently over the over the Champions League. Does that mean then that the richest clubs will always be the richest clubs? They'll never go back to the importers thing. That's a really interesting question. There is definitely of the true cycle is certainly not the case though that the richest are always just going to stay the richest. We've seen clips come in and out of our money league over recent years Leicester City when they won the Premier League and competed in the Champions League Romer of comeback into the money league, this shift from Italy, and your point is really interesting as well because I think that that's a very common perception really when people look at the financial results of football clubs. They think oh, it's not particularly influenced by anything that the business side of the clip may do, but I think in recent times is a change in the trends and a change in the type of people who are following football cheese almost the will of the millennial generation. Nowadays, they often will follow an individual player, and we see that this year more so than ever Patterson German, for example, reported record merchandising sales. They've reported commercial revenue growth as a result of individual player signings predominantly neymar junior on killing about the timber ridge from Deloitte, math, thank you. Now, let's hear about a court case that spans Afghanistan, Pakistan and the United Kingdom a father court in custody row is on trial with six others for pelting to throw sulfuric acid on his son at a retail park in the city of Worcester here in the UK the three year old's face and arm was burned when he was squirted with substance BBC's, Phil Mackey has been following the case and this following it failed. Just as the background to this case will this incident happened on July the twenty first last year in the city of Worcester. Which is in central England region called the West Midlands is a historic very pretty city and the little boy with his. Mother his brother and his sister were art on a shopping trip in the city centre on a Saturday afternoon when the little boy as you say were sprayed with sulfuric acid now the trial of the seven people, including the boy's father is because prosecutors claim that the dad in this case how plotted with the others to attack the young child. They say his motivation was that he was in a bitter custody dispute with his wife elect him and taken the children with her. And he felt that if the child was injured in her care it would reflect badly on her in the upcoming custody dispute. So the seven defendants include the man himself is originally from Afghanistan and now lives in the West Midlands as well. As to his friends who are also Afghan nationals and four other people who were Czech in Slovak nationals who it's alleged were hired to be part of the plot by the three Afghans and the courts been hearing the details about the attack. Yes yesterday. We. We were shown CCTV footage of the attack itself which happened in a short. Call home bargains in the center of Worcester on July the twenty first last year, and it's all over in the blink of an eye. Really? You can see the family walking along a central aisle, the mother and the daughter were halfway up the aisle looking for a birthday present for one of the daughters friends about ten meters away, the the the young boy who's three and his older brother were trying to get it some plastic footballs, which were being held inside a cage, then another man walks past them, very briefly, you can see him extend his left arm. He's obviously holding something in his hand. And then he walks out of shorts. The three year old boy is clearly in some distress. He runs to his mother and his comforted by her. We were told that she was so distressed that star had to help doll the emergency services. But that thanks to the prompt action of members of staff in the short who use wet towel towels to clean, the wound. And paramedics and doctors later that the boy has made a good recovery. And the boy's mother has been giving evidence Phil what has she been saying? Yes, she's been giving evidence via video link. So she's not in court, but she began giving evidence yesterday will continue later on today. She's been talking initially about the broken relationship with her husband. She told the court that they were both Afghans originally they had married in an arranged marriage marriage in Pakistan in two thousand and six and then moved to the UK, but that the relationship had broken down. She claims that her husband had been abusive to her. She told the court that after she left him on a couple of occasions. Previously to go to a women's refuge. He has spoken to her about killing her. He said that he'd asked an imam whether in Islam would be okay to kill her and the children because they let her the imam thankfully said. No. But he said that he was left, and this is what she said he told him he was left with a choice kill her and the children in this country and say the punishment all leave to another country in which he said, it might be multiple to carry out that crime now the seven defendants, including the father all deny the plot. The trial itself is expected to last six or seven weeks the BBC's Phil Mckee. Thank you very much. Now's the headlines on this next.

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