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Mrs crew would have been my first choice third grade. Yeah I should have been a great candidate. I understand. You had to undergo also some now. You have had a little bit of training in the what they call the space chamber or something or what is that well. We did a couple of things when we were down in Houston one. We had tests for CLAUSTROPHOBIA. And they put you in a ball that was diameter forty two inches. It kind of looks like a collapse sleeping bag on the floor and you sat in it. They zipped it up. Filled with oxygen turned off the lights and left you there for ten minutes and I was a little apprehensive before I got in there. I was afraid I was going to be yelling inclined to get out but it was actually very cool and comfortable environment. There are some people. I suppose who couldn't tolerate that situation at all right? You're being closed in the dark and silence. The spirit itself is actually going to be used for the shuttle's in the future as a rescue read about that. Now explain that because this is well the shuttle crew. Although it consists of maybe six or seven people only have two spacesuits. And that's for the commander and for the pilot because obviously they have to know what they're doing because of the craft. The rest of the people would zip themselves into these little balls and they would be able to maintain life right now approximately two hours while something was happening now rescue along just a big baggy and spatial shit there and orbit in this kind of have this wonderful mind picture of the person with the spacesuit on tenant caring these two walls with people floating in them but the idea in an extreme emergency they would leave the four other people in the top. Yes and hope I guess to get up ship to pick them up or if the space station's there or something like that yes along with this mission video from the idea it's going to be stays six days? Yeah and and every ninety minutes I'm going to be orbiting the earth at seventeen thousand miles an hour and I really hope to get on the treadmill around California and job across the United States is sounds absolutely fascinating and you seem to be handling very well and I think they made a very good choice because I think you can communicate this to the most of us who really can't understand all of that. You're excited to go. Oh I I really am. I can't wait. I thank you for being with us and I wish you well. I think no country wishes you. Well I'm tune in. I've got a satellite dish. I'm going to please do but I I don't have an early morning classroom. What time what time of the class. B I'm not sure but I'm sure it will be broadcast so that everyone will know. Thank you Chris Gray. She graduated. Dairy is an experience in life. That very few people's right will ever have the chance to participant. Would you like to love to do it? Wouldn't you like? Why would they need a booster regard? Because let's go to zip up kind of UCS fighting over the bag. Well there you have it. That was our podcast with Chris. Mccullough there's a little bit different. We're trying to mix up these podcasts. And give you different things different people. I hope you're downloading ascribing and we can keep these going and I hope you're enjoying them as much as I am Drop us a note. Anything you'd like to see and we'll see you next week thanks..

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