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Fourteen of dozen on seven dollars per yet, so was it the fifty minutes ten minutes walking meditation as well yes. Yes, he. He didn't change that about yet. Yeah, wow, and then so so you came across this book right and then you read this book you're inspired. You thought I think this life would have been more meaningful. So what do you do go to? The temple how what's next? Tough, Guy He's a book. me and my friend Wanted to go to anti forces in got it yeah. But somehow we couldn't because of some. School event. So we. Get it up and I feel I. WE ARE Lucky. I didn't go I go to untie. Do Session Athena Seventeen I. I'm pretty sure I do not mind. Yes, my years so. Activity. Indoor that the December sixteen, one thousand, nine hundred sixty five cyclists passed away. Okay, yeah, and. In February next year my my friend died. Know how young. Yeah? He had cancer, Oh, Gosh, so she died within six months. Wow. I know. Everybody. She had sadie. And and yet we couldn't do anything. On the he died in July. Wow, so imagine that was a big loss for you. Because that's yeah, it was really painful and sad experience. To me. Yeah, that was one of the reasons. I decided to become a monk Yup. But it was it was although it was painful, but still I felt some kind of DEF-. Because of his death because I was thinking about meaning. Leading books and But he died a few Probably our could be. She's death he we talk. We talked about some kinds of. Things but the mineral rights. And because he was so weak. so he said I don't care about menu anymore. Wow Devi is had enough. Just living his just living with your just breezing. and. So and About one league. Later he died so I found that actor life on this is not taking in our thinking. Yeah. It seems like for him that I'll you know worrying about? The meaning of life was a relaxed luxury night. And it's not. Not Reality so I fast fund. We have to do I. Have to something. Yes, and that was a time I also I. I lead Dorgan's Gonzo Cohen. Cohen and I. I didn't understand your go on. Threes I accept it one. Part the parties about fish and bod. Bird dog and said if under wanted to understand entire Sky Austin There's no time. They good before before starting to. See more FRY if they want to understand entire sky or or Does not time he could. They could start do seem. Free so it's it's it's it means. Does this mean like that to try and understanding the meaning of life before you start living is doing it backwards. We have to fast. We have to live I threw living. We can find the. meaning. Yeah wonderful and That is. That was kind of duty for me..

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