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Live from NPR news in Washington I'm joining Hurst can Dorian still a powerful category four storm with maximum sustained winds of one hundred forty miles an hour is stalled over the Bahamas and officials say there is catastrophic damage on the island prime minister Hubert Minnis says at least five deaths are being blamed on the storm our mission and focus. now. search rescue and recovery. forecasters say the storm will stay over the island chain for several more hours and is slowly turning west toward the coast of Florida coastal communities are preparing for the storm which is forecast to hug the coast of the US as it moves northward in Georgia the storm is expected to arrive Wednesday was six to ten inches of rain and governor Brian camp says people need to heed warnings to leave this coastal residents decide not to evacuate and I want to be very clear they will be on their own the first responders are unable to reach them Florida Georgia the Carolinas and Virginia have declared states of emergency in southern California at least eight people are dead after their commercial dive boat caught fire early this morning authorities say four of the bodies have been recovered the other four were located on the ocean floor near where the burn out boat sank your Santa Cruz island but as NPR's Vanessa Romo reports more than two dozen people are still missing the US Coast Guard says the dive boat which was a seventy five foot yacht became engulfed in flames sometime around three AM it was nearby civilian and.

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