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How awkward. The interaction between Mitt Romney and George Santos was. Apparently Romney told Santos, you ought to be embarrassed. In response, Santos reportedly called Romney a hole. Oh, dear. You could see that. That was very obvious. Romney told NBC News that Santos should not have been or should have been seated in the back and called him a sick puppy. After the conversation was seemingly over, Santos kept speaking in Romney's direction until the senator did not appear to be listening. I want that's the audio I want. Oh, bitch, please. Did you really? I am katara. How dare you? Romney, you're supposed to listen to me. But he was outraged. And we know the outrage. Because we checked them out. Attention. This is an alert from the Mitt Romney outrage system. The mit Romney outrage level has been elevated from troubling to appalling. When Mitt Romney outraged level is at appalling, take special care in public places when doing normal everyday tasks, such as operating your car elevator or grooming your dressage horse. However, it is important that in a Mitt Romney appalling state of outrage, you continue to go about your business of supporting every Donald Trump policy, otherwise the terrorists win. This change in Mitt Romney outraged status is more severe than last month's change from bothersome to disconcerting. But not as alarming as in 2018 when the system went from upsetting to unpleasant. This has been an alert from the Mitt Romney outrage system. All right. We now return to the regularly scheduled programming of 101 strings performing the greatest hits of the Ramones. Okay, fantastic. Also, he told us some news organization he was. Disappointed. In Kevin McCarthy for not making Santos resign. Yeah. Yeah. Speaking of Kevin McCarthy being a spineless constipated weasel. Weak. Andrew workman tweeted Matt Gaetz was surreptitiously added to the GOP's weaponization of government, AKA obstruction of justice subcommittee, Kevin McCarthy, added him with no public announcement. Guess we know how he finally got gaetz's vote for speaker. This party is a dumpster fire. Yep. They're just a complete and total embarrassment. The entire party, by the way, Tristan Snell says people in Austin are going through dumpsters to get food during yet another Texas power outage. Yeah, last year when something could have been done about the grid, Greg Abbott engaged in slimy publicity stunts and let $240 million of food rot at the border. I had totally forgotten about that. Yeah. This is your Republican Party and how they govern. By the way, in other elections matter news. All right. Mark Joseph stern tweets, as early as this week, the single worst judge in the federal judiciary, Matthew, a far right Trump nominee, could outlaw the abortion pill in all 50 states, instantly upending abortion access even in places where it remains legal. He wrote a piece in slate for how we got here. But I mean, it's like it reminds me of the one Trump judge that rescinded the mask mandate on flights across the United States with COVID clearly not over. I mean, it's not just the Supreme Court. It is just beyond recognition because of Trump. Yes, sir. Question. Yes. What did you think about the lack of masks last night? Bernie Sanders was wearing a mask. Bernie was not a lot of really old people in that room last night. Yes, I know. It's a number say after the, yeah. Yeah, especially just Marjorie Taylor Greene's spittle alone. Screaming all night. Desperate housewife. She's been degraded. She's not a housewife right now. I don't know which one. I'm not sure what her status is. Okay. She's like Kim Richards on the radio. One more, the president last night. I stand here tonight, having served as long as about any one of you who have ever served you. But I've never been more optimistic about our future, about the future America. We're just so remember who we are. We're the United states of America. And

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