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Are working so hard One of Hawaii's senators says the federal government will help clean up contamination of a well that supplies water to military families at the naval base They said this would never happen Senator Brian shot said he told White House officials that the military's lacks approach to the red hill water contamination requires civilian oversight from agencies like the EPA fema and the Department of Energy This has to be treated like a nuclear reactor not a piece of old infrastructure Days after they were criticized for their parents slow reaction the navy says it's clean up and restoration efforts are in full gear Rick day song with KM with KG MB reporting Hundreds of hotel rooms meanwhile have been set aside for the military families who can not use their water This is CBS News Fever is the number one COVID symptom so be safe with an accurate thermometer only extra gen has proven accurate in more than 100 studies Learn more at exigent dot com 7 O three in a Sunday December 5th 42° right now sunshine will start the day we're going to see highs going to the low 50s Good morning I'm John dome and the top local stories were following the sour first takes us into northeast D.C. Last month reports of clogged toilets and flooding prompted the Marshall service to move their inmates out of the D.C. jail So far about half of them have been moved out 200 of the 400 have already been transferred to a federal prison in lewisburg Pennsylvania and a few other facilities The central detention center in southeast D.C. still holds the other 200 they can't be moved now because of pending court matters and medical issues The marshal service told the D.C. Department of Corrections in early November they would remove all inmates under their care from the D.C. jail after they did an unannounced inspection They found inhumane conditions at the jail including water and food being withheld from inmates as punishment clogged toilets and flooding D.C. and the Marshalls now have an agreement to work together to improve conditions at the jail Luke Luger debut news Leesburg police say they're seeing resignations now that the city's vaccine mandates is in effect City spokesperson Betsy arnett tells W TOP that they've had at least 7 resignations so far but cautions they can't all be linked directly to the mandate Arnett says two of those who left already had other jobs lined up ahead of the mandate Now at the moment there are 19 open positions on the Leesburg police force 18 of those for new cops It's been dubbed the great resignation and the waves it's causing our splashing throughout the DMV When you look at how many workers around here are turning in their two weeks notice nationwide all states saw 2% of all its workers quit in September That's according to the bureau of labor statistics Hawaii seeing the highest departure rate at 7.1% around here Maryland saw 2.5% of its workforce departing a drop of .1% in September over August Virginia rose slightly in September to 3.1% and saying goodbye that month in D.C. was 2.1% of the workforce which is up over August This comes as we hear about workers deciding to change careers or even start new businesses as we exit the pandemic Mike Murillo news No who never quits Santa Claus In fact he's coming to town this week but not by his usual mode of transportation.

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