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There is more of a focus on coaling some of those fouls. Cylinder rule. Definitely does affect traps. You know, it's interesting if if you watch straps a lot of times guys foul excuse me guys travel, but they call the foul. I and so that's a it's a big shift a turnover with the travel or maybe going to the lines. You don't wanna one they call the file, you know? It's funny. It's almost like you should be able to do that as a rough. But it's really hard. If you you said if you watch traps, and I was watching a bunch before I did Cincinnati game last night people travel constantly are you on referees? Whenever you try. You a watch effete watch a feat during the course of a game. Well, it's interesting because it that's been the case for a long long time. And that was a big that was a big beef of ours. Because we obviously wanted to create as many turnovers as we could. But for whatever reason when there's a lot of people in a small area a ball handler. And there's to trappers it's really really tough to see the feet. And so you know, I heard on the -ficiating video this year. They said they want the officials to ref from the ground from the floor up. So we'll see if that actually happens it'll happen for a month. Goes away. Shock. We I know you've got an event to go to today. But I'm excited to see practice today. And we really do pre sheet you coming on. This would be heck of a game on ESPN radio and also on ESPN. And like, I think he put a grave this puts things in perspective for all of us. You know, people that are here calling the game. But for your players administration staff and anyone watching these young people do what they do on a daily basis. Donate blessed to live lives, we live. I said it last year when we were in Germany. It's it's probably the most moving basketball experience I've ever had because if everything in perspective. We're really looking forward to it and want to say thank you guys going into the season two to both of you guys as coaches of because you put a game in perspective that navy's a different a little bit different than than the majority of the media. So I I don't know if you guys hear that enough, but it needs to be set free. Thanks val. Thank god. I like to welcome in Texas Tech head coach Chris beard, who's done an absolutely incredible job. Coming off a magical season, but opposite building towards showing the consistency. He wants to at Texas Tech coach beard, how is life? We're getting you off the court from individual workouts dockets individual work at the dockage is whether decides to grab one more doughnut. Right. Hey, we've got some of that going on in our program. You guys came right out and. Blitz. My friend Carson Cunningham's team. You held them the thirty seven the other night. Now, thirty seven obviously is a great name is the strength of your team defensively right now..

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