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He's the fucking president of Warner Chappell publishing but at the time like he had his crib was a studio and he managed a producer by the name of chat that was and they produced all right like there was the guys in Philly so like if you was upcoming rapid in Philly you went over there to do records so I got I I liked befriended them and I became like they little Homie so I'm making sure would at some synergy between you know skiing on sparks like or orthopedic tracking all of them which Chad Western Ryan and when it's time for us to pick songs for the album I'm picking songs like Biggs and beanie seagoing. They let me pick songs for the for the young they let me pick songs for the for the state property so it's like that's what my influence but because I was the young guy like now I'm fucking. I'm about to be thirty thirty seven in December but never would have guessed. You were probably twenty seven now thirty seven. December your aging well thank you. They don't smoke cigarettes. Gross Montana Scott I was I was a young guy so like now. Keep young people around me so I'm ahead of the curve is as a starting. It's starting Shit. I'm not fucking with I mean but they let me know what it is like. My son is like Myanmar wasn't fucking with Joseph but not really liking like he likes his favorite rappers meet like his favorite rappers meek drake young thug fucking dirt bomb will he fucked with Toco. Od Heavy yeah he loves LA EE folks were he was the one like we get in the car and go on some basketball game. He won't little. Oh pumping shit and I'd be like man. I don't WanNa hear that Shit. He published five bugging off pump really listen to pump because he was like oh he like. My son like pump pump never really made a lot of music that he got into outside of the single so but he knows he no more little than I do right I mean he listened to as she the business crazy when you gotta like a young kid like I start seeing them getting excited about wrap it. It's crazy just watching it sort of play out and just and just knowing there's nothing that you could do to like shape their tastes that they're they're just blossoming into really not actually like my son. He helped meet Osama artist. TJ Puerto he sounded dubbed Jam because of my son. My son put me on his music really is so like my son was like every day like we go to his basketball play ball so let me listen to TJ Puerto. Let me listen to C. J. Put what I'm like. I and then one day I was taking him in a few of his friends to a game like five of them they in a car and they all ask him to listen to put like either. Put the song they sing an issue were for word. I'm looking at the time twelve at the time he was ten. I'm like if you got ten year old kids singing issue word for word. You got something new already. How even find out about I think they said that they like because TJ played basketball too so there was there was at a basketball game. Somebody say he plays he rat or he told somebody soundcloud so they just look them up and they start listening to his music and his sharing it amongst friends but when I met him he had a song that had like seven hundred thousand streams when soundcloud all he's doing is playing basketball and going to school right. Let me so. I'm like Shit. Come over here. I mean them for you and then he got sounded crazy my son my son. I credit So what happened with the Rockefeller. Shit like how how did did you continue to grow their. Did you just abruptly leave as I mean when Jan Dame broke up. That was here what changed their. What was your perspective on that. I was fucked up. You thought I wouldn't have never got fucking. Harlem tattooed on my hand like at the time I'm thinking I'm going to be at Rockefeller forever. I'm twenty years old. I'm going to J. Birthday parties beyond sated eight air fucking every actor hanging in this loop and I'm a young kid. I'm think initiatives never gonNA end and then one day that she just was like bone so you didn't know the J. It was totally unhappy with dame or Russian. I well I like when I look back now. I kinda did but then 'cause it was it was like it came aim to appoint when all the Cameron Shit was happening and like J. stopped coming to the office and Jason always coming in office he would come to office and he will go to twenty eight but he won't come up to twenty. We now where Rockefeller was at so but I never thought of it. I'm just thinking. OJ's busy but then I will go. I will go to the studio with Chris and Nathan C. J. We'd be around Jay but then I'll go somewhere. Elsa we around Dane around dame lot but dame never spoke badly about Jay. When we were randomly. He never said nothing about what was going on and that was an epicenter of that she they never like we didn't know just happened foam one day just and it was like go at your mother your father. I really was like who go with. I didn't know what to do. I went and got a regular job again. Really Tis disillusioned by didn't try to saddle up with either camp. Now because you know is another thing too. I didn't know I didn't like really know how to build relationships so like Rockefeller. We didn't really use the fucking everything. We did a young kid that works for overall right now. I'm pretty sure like relations but they thinking that that's never gonna end like you never think cash money's GonNa end in it at the peak of the levellers on your first time being associated with something because say it's like the third label that you've been associated with then then you start to realize like Oh. This should all going to change. They ushered me and I didn't know nothing else like I didn't. I was like that's why started. That's what I was at this time. I started there eighteen at this time twenty two twenty twenty one twenty two so it's like with the fuck else. I'M GONNA do. I don't know what to do. I'm just is like let me go get a regular job. I mean that was like that. She was so where did you go to work. JUMBA juice fucking freshdirect fresh resort. It's like this place in New York. Fill orders for fucking groceries. Brian did that for four days our bed bath and beyond. I worked at a a lot of girls and there was a lot of girls. They're aiming girls. There are more girls and guys. I was doing overnight shift overnight stock in a grocery. It's closed. It probably will not the way you want your lawyer but I did it I did. I worked back in the mail room again. I was even embarrassed to tell people I was a part of that she because it was no instagram where the fuck is going to believe me. I'm telling people like Yeah Bianca for Year right here was your pitcher pitches in it as shit so I just you know and I I did that for a few years worked at channel eleven which is focused channel Lebanon and with the fuck is WFL WFL whatever it is I remember even watch cable well yeah. I did I did that for. I got laid off from that job rehired in and got laid off again and last time I got laid off like I had a kid on another kid on the way and in while let's go put pressure on my third was on the way to him and and I was twenty nine thousand dollars name and I said I'm never getting in a regular job of it again. I mean like I'm not. I'm just trying my shit. A Moon turned into like what did you start pursuing at that point. I started my management company. I started my company already had ideas for but I try to do street wear those career I was doing. I tried to do strip for a little bit like crazy like nipsy world one of my hat's. It's one time 'cause yeah 'cause I met nipsy smoke desert. O'Connor smoke doesn't mean his childhood friends. We grew up to get really yeah. We know I know this is thirteen fourteen kicked it with him and Duke the Garden Fucking Hell Relevance Ship Harlem one time fucking projects they sent me an address showed up as big as brick buildings right. I up so desert introduce me to NICCI. You Cameron like cameras working with him. At the time he did the breakfast club and then like she was like the brings him hats and I brought a hat. He took pitches in it but my street where she didn't workout in fucking. I started the management company did that forbid hasn't produces in like that led me to meet in like Davies. Your story is crazy because you've got a lot of like fucking horseshoe up your ass moments where you just got crazy lucky but then you also have so many things that are just sorta like the standard like the thing that you have to go through. If you WANNA be dude culture you might have to have a fucking call them brand that don't really go anywhere just to learn your lesson. I mean roll it. All I did tons of shit bro like I mean like even being at Rockefeller almost went to jail or Cyprus. We was reckless showed a young guns. We was the young guns. We was young guns carrying guns everywhere. We was wiling yeah. I mean like quota gun. Charge me was together. You quote a gunshot. That was another eye opener for me now when you've got a gun charging and Jake to compensate that's the first conversation I had with J. J. One another conversation precision without him having a gun year with me like as in the guy can't be letting them run around like year because we use that yes. We got caught on where traffic film festival are marked have a metal detector or something yeah. I mean fucking Robert. Di Nero is pulling up. Sundance should all everybody playing they films. We went there like you notice. The police pulled up on us and like we tried to get about it and they they locked me up and then they gave me the money to bail them out and then the next day. I bail them out and then I get it. That's when two ways remember two ways I ah get a two way and it's like Jay wants to see both the other baseline right now. WHO's your heart sing going. Absolutely mushy drops to the bottom of my feet but it wasn't a bad conversation. We get there and J. E. Fast some words bad words he acts was up with him and then he walked out the room in a J. asked me did I know my role and he's you know your role and I'm like I. I didn't know he knew who what was the second one he liked. Do you know your role mate and he's like you'll know your own. I'm like what you mean. I don't take the gunshots he just he said you from up here right. I'm like yeah. He was like you know where they from. Different places like them carrying guns everyday like that's how they live. He was like you know. He said you see Tatham like yeah. He liked. I'm the reason why mother never have to work again. Her Life uh-huh he's like Chris and Neef could be the reason why your mother never have to work again her life. If if you know that they in putting themselves in bad situations like having guns doing dumb shit you gotta pull them inside and beat irrationality for them because if not then you won't be in a position where you're moving you've gotTa Work Life Right and I and at that time I think I was twenty. I just like I never thought of it like that. You know what I mean but yeah I mean all along my journey. I went to a Lotta Bullshit man. That's crazy shit about being Jay z's just that he could pull you aside and I have that quick conversation with you and just hit you with substrate fax ax and he knows that you really are probably gonNA listen on a level that you're not. GonNa Listen to your parents or whoever because they're not Jay Z. That's that's crazy. That's like because that's a real last conversation but it's also the kind of conversation that you might hesitate to have with a lot of people because you feel mother. fuckers ain't gonNA listen you crazy and it's like I learned the importance of like your voice like like for me. I have a voice like even in my neighborhood. I mean I'm respected in Harlem. I'm and I say that to say this as a man and got nothing to do with no street shit. You Ain't GonNa go to Harlem Yeah. Wayne was blaming him. He was doing this and he would like you know what I mean I had had I had fights. I had all types of Bush but that's not why I'm respect the former specter as a man hall like from old people to little kids too in between so it's like a lot of people in my neighborhood they look at me like like a shining example of a person that they knew that actually made it or Diso. Would they think of making it because I don't think there's no oh room making it like you know what I mean like you made it in a whether it's a little bit more attainable this guy who comes on and becomes a rabbit because most people sort of know deep down inside the Dang Amir rapper right exactly exactly but you kind of have that dream of being a media personality in our like all these different things that people who are really paying attention to the industry are starting to realize like those are passed that actually make sense to go yeah. I mean like for me so I'm really careful about how I speak. You know what I mean. Because I know like the same way I took when I I watch IRV Gotti when I was a kid I watch dame my wife Kevin Allows fucking tons of people speak and I just used to always like idolize how spoken with there was about so it was like for me..

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