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Like a train boxer that was just playing with the got tired was able to phrasing ended with final bike to the ed year. That you yeah. The camera and audio enlarge turn audio louder. The emails by loved being able to hear the birds sing even interesting spectators and the trees. You're the birthday in noise like the racket. Birth like chevy chase squirrels and birds at the same thing with mountain line roles by not every time. But i've got so many videos over the years for that role by the daytime and hear the birds World making sounds almost like a warning to everything like his fucking lying down there. It's not as cool on a reality. Holy shit bob's taking on edge here in a fight david silence about five seconds. He's here's bursts. Only making some more chatter on it. They they know what's up but like a foreign up fucking craziest quick question before because we we're we're gonna wrap up here another twelve minutes but If if you had to give like advice to somebody that wanted to get into doing the kind of video and photography that you do what is something what are a couple things you would tell them very first saying and main thing don't do for my experience don't put him on popular trails. Don't gamble up even without lock. Lock box cable lock. Just don't put it on a trail. That's really popular with bicyclists hikers hunters. Anybody just don't delay his half. The people are going to treat your camera respect. They're gonna vandalizing it or do steel. Because they can or a hunter somebody that they think you might be invading their territory. They're gonna steal this. Just don't do that. Which is what. I did the beginning of it on trails. That's the biggest advice and an excellent is just look for signs of the animals. Might go wherever you're at the trails around. You have a process of elimination. Like they're probably gonna use this street as opposed to that one over that. It's all muddled bushes brush. Why wouldn't they come here. That like that. Most important don't put on popular trails. Says people aren't kind of cruel or they might have on. Am i wanna destroy your cameras. You know so. I just got to cameras stolen about two months ago. Oh shit in a canyon. I'm going to for the last six years. And i couldn't and they're gone like sucks kinda rooms but i have cameras elsewhere so really hard and get few spots outs by back to your point about working. I recommend. Just keep at it. Don't give up patients and you got to be able to deal with a lot of restoration. I mean there's so much frustration. What i'm doing whether it's the camera turning on. Cla see the detail the animal you get your cameras lying face down three weeks not capturing single thing those kind of things happen the law or your batteries are dead your memory card bills up because the winter guitar gantner five hundred times.

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