Vince Carter, Dirk Nowitzki, Turner discussed on Fresh Air


Playing I saw Dirk Nowitzki play live last year he should be in a rocking chair Vince Carter can play Dirk complies yeah I don't. Know what's going on with that that Dirk, situation but I don't? Have any problem with with Vince Carter Vince Carter. Was one of the most exciting players in the league for a long time is also going to. Go work for Turner, after his career Atlanta's. Were Turner based so he's going to be When the. Family came. Home and, saw a. Guy sunning. Himself on their lawn they, yelled hey you get out of our yard. But I know their hearts were yelling we were idiots for throwing. That launcher her way thanks for teaching us about conservation don't toss it GB welded Guy shooting promo.

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