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Change as it is not a conversation just for our schools anymore what's happening is our our world in our society are now entering our schools and so we need to address our world in our society samantha havilland director counselling support services for the denver public schools thanks so much for being with us thank you it was an uproar in biology recently when scientists announced they'd used bits of dna to manufacture a pox virus critics had the work is dangerous research teams had essentially published a recipe that could help terrorists brew up deadly smallpox so why synthesizer pox virus in first place and pierce no greenfield boyce has this report smallpox is special it's the only human disease ever wiped off the face of the planet by global vaccination campaign the contagious often deadly virus is now supposed to exist only in to secure laps this is why some biosecurity experts were taken aback when scientists recently synthesized pox virus manufacturing it from made to order pieces of dna it was not smallpox it was a related vow paris horse pox but still tom ingles be is director of the center for health security at johns hopkins university's bloomberg school of public health anything though lowers the bar for creating smallpox and the world is a dangerous path exactly how much this lowers the bar depends on who you ask this isn't the first virus ever made from scratch and some say the pox virus making methods published last month are no huge technical advance but drew n d disagrees against incorrect to assert the it's a nothing burger he's an expert on synthetic biology at stanford university who serves on a world health organization committee that oversees research on smallpox there things in this paper that i wouldn't know how to do and have never been done before so why do it winer's did you a woman trying to go horse park stars that's the guy who's lab made it david evans at the university of alberta speaking at a recent conference he said horsebox is extinct in nature but some evidence suggested the virus might be useful as a safer smallpox vaccine and the government still stockpiles vaccine in case of a bioterror attack so we were wondering if we could find out more about misfires from jones's there was one stock which was untenable one specimen that was on obtainable unavailable for investigation and so we thought will could we have a struggle trying to make.

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